Thursday, January 1, 2009

365 Project!!

So over on Cafemom in Scrapbooking with Friends (SWF) Group there is a challenge going on. Its call the 365 Project!! Basically what it all boils down to is that we take our camera out to take pictures of special gatherings and holiday, but what about the other days. So the challenge is to take atleast one picture a day of what your day consists of. They are just random pictures of whatever that is around you and what not.

So I have decided to take on this challenge and of course it will get scrapped sometime, lol. It seems like so much fun and I ALWAYS have my camera with me where ever I go! So you that check my blog out will see tons of posts from me.

Here are the pictures that I choose!!
Welcome New Years!! This is at the stroke of Midnight!! Sorry its blurry!
This is my husband and I bringing in the New Year!! My husband spent most of the night upstairs playing WoW because I was scrapping with my friend!!
My Bestie Misha and I brining in the New Year. We scrapbook the whole night and that is how we brought in the new year.
This is my lovely son in the morning. This is what I get to deal with on a day basis :) and yes that is how his hair looks like everytime he wake up. He is my little monster and does drive me INSANE but I sure do love him. Bringing in the NEw Year was so much fun. Yes we didnt do anything but stay home and relax. I had my bestie Misha and her son over to join us. We scrapbooked the night away, something that was very much needed. The boy played and had a blast. Meanwhile we are scrapping my hubby was upstairs playing WoW (world of warcraf) talking to his buddies and having fun. There wasnt much for him to do downstairs because scrapbooking bores him to death. Overall our new years was AWESOME!!!

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Julia said...

So glad you had a great New Years!!! :)