Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 5th~ Mission Accomplished!!!

Well, well, was a very tiresome day for me. I had a horrible nights rest, always is when hubby isn't home. CJ woke up and who knows what time, way to early, lol. He fell back asleep in my bed, thank goodness. Anyways I have been saying for the last couple of days that I was going to organize my scraproom. This is what it looked like before I got my hands on it.
Let me tell you it wasn't an easy task trying to tackle this mess down when I was just super tired. I did manage to get it done, needless to say it took all day, lol. My scraproom is all nice an pretty and organized. I want to get some scrapping done thats for sure!! So here are my after pictures of my lovely room:
See its all nice and pretty. We will see how long that will last. Mr.CJ likes to run around in there an make a mess! I know my desk looks cluttered but it really isn't. Those are some projects that I need to get done, lol. Well now I am off to continue my lovely scarf that I am making. I think I will get to some scrapbooking tomorrow. See you all later.

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Callie Michelle said...

Looks great girl! Except you forgot to leave a picture on the floor like I did... LOL!!