Monday, October 4, 2010


I am no longer pregnant...WOOHOO!! Which means that I now have TWO kids, which I am STILL trying to get use too! I can't believe I am a mother to two little boys. They are my world and I love them so very much! My sleeping schedule is all wacked because of JJ but I still need to be up and mobile for CJ. So I'll tell you the story of the day we went in to have baby JJ.

Morning of Sept 21st 2010 the hubs and I wake up at 5am to get ready. We leave the house at around 5:30am and get to the hospital like 15min before 6am. We check in and let them know that we are there for our scheduled C-section. They have us wait in the waiting room, which at that time was alright. At about 7am they call me to the back to check on my vitals and on the baby. Everything was good. I asked the nurse when I was going to be called back and they told me in about an hour, which would make it 8am. So I go back out to the waiting room. Time comes and goes and still I have not been called back. I am so uncomfortable from sitting in the uncomfortable chairs and of course tired! I am getting pissed and so is the hubs. We keep asking when we are getting to the back and I keep getting the same damn answer, in an hour. Finally hubby had it and gave them an ear full. FINALLY at 10:30 we get called back. Mind you I have had nothing to eat since dinner the night before.

I couldn't believe how long it took them to get me back there! I was just so upset and tired all I wanted to do was cry! I was so happy when they called me back. I was more relieved because I could FINALLY be comfortable. I was very anxious to have the baby and was upset for having to wait. I get all hooked up to the machines and the IV is in with fluids going. The baby monitor is on me and I can hear the baby as well as see when I am having a contraction. We have the Dr come in, the anesthesiologist, and the head nurse come in for me to sign paperwork. Here I am all happy and waiting to go back to the OR.
So we head back to the OR at who knows what time. I didn't check the clock to be honest I was just excited to get it over and done with so I could eat some food and meet my baby! They take me to the OR and Hubs has to stay back for a moment. They will get him after I am all prepped. So I am in the OR I get my spinal done and OMG that works so quickly! I am numb from nipples down and I cant feel anything but just pressure. I am starting to get a little anxiety because my hubs isn't there yet. Before I went back I had to take this drink for heartburn and OMG it tasted so gross. Well with that being the only thing in my stomach and me starting to have anxiety and starting to feel like I am going to pass out I end up throwing up. It was so nasty. After it was all out of my system I felt 100 times better. They finally bring in my husband and I was so relieved to see him. By the time he came in they were already cutting me and getting to the baby. I was talking and laughing while I was laying on the table it was a great time. Then I hear my baby boy cry! I was super excited. Hubs went over to the side where they were cleaning him up and checked him out.

Here is our sons first picture! He weighted 8lbs2oz and 21inches long! My biggest baby! I was VERY surprised that he was an 8lber! So they got JJ all cleaned up and did their quick checks and everything. Then I got to see him for the first time.

I was speechless when I saw my baby for the first time. I didn't know what to say at all. He is so precious to me! It was instant love, love at first site, well more like love at first kick, lol. I finally knew why he was kicking me so much. He was getting to long for my belly, lol. I didn't get to hold him long because he had to go to the NICU to get evaluated and monitored. I was wheeled away to the recovery area! All the people working on my in the OR were amazing and so sweet! They made me feel so comfortable and confident in them! Here I am in the recovery waiting.

After I get out of the recovery I go to my room and they bring in my baby boy. I finally get to hold him and feed him. Yes, of course I was in pain but SOO worth it! To see my baby boy I would go through it all again, with both of my boys! My in-laws came to see the baby of course! They fell in love with him. CJ really didn't know what to think about his baby brother. He did however at one point tell me to put JJ back in my belly, lol. He is so head over heels in love with his baby brother now.

My experience at first at this hospital was not good at all. I was so upset at how they handled things. Once I got in the back everything was better! I was a little scared to go have JJ at this hospital because I had heard so many bad things about it. I will say that I had a great experience and all the nurses and staff where amazing. If you treat them well they will treat you well. I learned that from when I worked in L&D out in TX. They were very good to me.

I also want to say Thank You to my mother in law for coming and watching CJ while I was in the hospital. Thank you to my Mom for coming out as well and being a part of seeing her new grandson so fresh and small and helping me out.

I am sorry this is so long but I thought you all would like to hear my story.