Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yahoo! Woohoo! Yeehaw!!

So I think I can dub myself the worst blogger ever!! Yes, I sure did say that! I take FOREVER to blog anything and I am sure you all are anxious about what has been going on. I have to find energy and words to type. Some of you are probably wondering how does she find words to type because she never shuts up! LOL!! So here we go for the update! Are you ready? Well I sure hope so and I sure hope I cover everything lol. Also, I do do small updates on my facebook page and I do slack on my for jacqueline group on facebook but I do update! Oh ya and on instagram too!

So here we go............Valentine's weekend Chuck surprised the boys with a visit. The boys had a good weekend with him and it was much needed. Chuck and I had a good heart to heart talk about everything and it was good. It is nice to be able to talk to him and not have so much pain. I got closure that I needed and we can say that we are friends. It is the best way for the boys that Chuck and I are friends and that we don't have any anger towards one another. So a lot of the things I did find out for me where nice. It was just nice to finally have that chapter closed of my life and now I can move forward. Though I do not like what happened but it did happen and some things in life happen for reasons. I just live my life and go forward with my boys and do what is best for all of us.

So on Feburary 24th I shaved my head! Yes! I did it! Boy was that one hard thing to do. I wasn't feeling to well because I had my big chemo on the 20th and I had to get my head shaved. My hair was just getting awful. I would wake up and be scared out of my mind to see how much hair had fallen out. I knew it was time for me to shave my head.

The first photo is my shower and hair combing. So it was getting pretty bad. The bottom photo above is showing my hair thinning. It was just getting to bad for me to watch. So I did the head shaving. I had too! So because of my hair loss and me deciding to shave my head I needed to get a wig. I went and I used my gift certificate that my uncle and aunt got for me and I got a wig. It was a spur of the moment thing because I was feeling very ill from my chemo but I had to get it. I picked out a super cute wig and I do love it!
Here is my me in my new wig! I love it! I love it! It is something completely different that what I am use to but hey I can try out new things cant I?

So now on to the head shaving! I will say that I do not have photos of my head shaving on my phone :( Sorry about that. I had my friend Esha take photos for me and I will share them once I get them. My sister also took a video and I will post that as well. I will say that it was very emotional for me and for everyone there! I had everyone single member of my family, including my nieces and nephew  brother in law and Michael cut a piece of my hair. My boys even cut my hair as well! So it was hard for me. I dont have photos but I will post a photo of my shaved head! I will tell you it is a different look. I think I have gotten use to it but not 100%. Most days I am just one boobed and wearing my beanie :) Hey I am not ashamed of how I look or what I am going through. I do get weird looks at times but who cares I am fighting for my life! :) So here is a photo of me bald!

See how different the look is? Yes pretty shocking I know! But get use to it!! :) I love the breeze that goes over my head lol! Can't say through my hair anymore so ya you get the point!

So because of this head shaving my dad, brother in law, nephew AND my son CJ shaved their heads as well. They all did if for a good cause of course!! But for CJ he had to go to school and tell his friends why he shaved his head. He is very cute! He told them that he shaved it to support his mom who has breast cancer and her chem makes her hair fall out. I just love all the support that I am surround by. I couldn't have asked for anything or another family/friends better than what I have!! I have the best of everything! Everything happens for a reason and I am a strong believer in that!

So the head shaving was the big even that meant a lot to me. I just totally lost my train of thought.....THANK YOU Chemo Brain! Ya! Gotta love when that happens!!

Now I know there are a TON of you waiting to hear what I have to say so I guess I can FINALLY tell you. I did have more to write but I honestly I totally forgot what I had to say. I had a big spout of chemo brain. So as some of you may know.......oh wait!! I want to tell you about yesterday! So I went to a look pretty feel better class and OMG that was so much fun!! It is a makeup class and they tell you about what products to use and what to stay away from and you get free makeup! Not only do you get free makeup but they show you how to wrap a scarf and do a turban for our beautiful bald heads!! I had a blast there. There where only 3 of use there and the two instructions. It was small and it was lovely. I just loved the atmosphere there. I am glad that I went to that class. I felt great leaving the class.

Make up haul!


So all in all it was a great class and I enjoyed it! I would recommend this class to any female cancer patient. 

Soooooooooo.......as some of you know I had my PET scan last Friday and I am scared as can be with these scans. If you don't know about the PET scan it will highlight parts in your body that your cells are trying to fight off. So in my case it will highlight all of my cancer parts. The first pet was very scary for me and I HATE these scans because I just dont want to hear any more bad news! So, last night RIGHT before I went to bed I saw that my pet scan was available for me to see and what did I go and do? Ya I read it! Not the greatest thing to do when you want to get some rest. The medical jargon is just so crazy that I didnt understand half of it! I was a wreck last night! I thought I knew than I doubted myself and I just didnt want to get my hopes up. 

Today I am sitting here doing my LONG chemo! So I will be here all day. After I got hooked up I asked my nurse if she could tell me my pet scan results and she said she would get someone to tell me. Well are you ready for this? I hope you are because I am NOW FINALLY ready to let you all know! It is very exciting and prayers are being heard and miracles being worked! Pretty much the cancer is gone. Its resolving or resolved however you want to look at it!! Yes you just read that! It is very exciting and I am very happy! I will continue to keep going with my chemo and the expected last day is 28 May and than my oncologist will determine what is next! This is what the impression of the PET scan says: 
1. Status post left mastectomy.
2. Otherwise unremarkable PET/CT scan.
3. In particular, there is been complete resolution of the
hypermetabolism within the left axilla, left posterior fourth rib, and L5
vertebra with no scintigraphic evidence of residual active breast cancer
in this patient receiving ongoing chemotherapy.

See you are reading the impression yourself! Isnt this awesome?!?! I think it is! I just seriously want to jump up and down and boogie on down!! I just cant put into words how awesome this is. So that is my wonderful news for the day!!! I hope it was worth your weight. I know you all gave me a good giggle waiting that is for sure.

Also I want to mention that I am doing the Susan G. Komen 5k June 2nd and I am excited for that. I want my team to raise $1000.00 dollars. I would love if you all could help me reach this goal. This is obviously near and dear to my heart. Thank you to all of those who have donated already but please pass the word along. Help my team reach our goal!
There is the link to donate to Team Jackie.

I just wanted to tell you all that I appreciate everyone of you all.

Always remember that I Mustache YOU!!

Ok now I am off to publish this post. Much love to you all!!!