Thursday, May 27, 2010

Check this out

Check out this blog for super cute crochet items. Nice work done

Check back for more updates. Ill be back to blog about whats been going on with me and the baby.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cj on his School Bus lol the public transportation he loved it!

Our Weekend!

So how was everyones weekend? Our weekend was really great! We had our Nascar Race to go to on Saturday over in Richmond, VA. It was SOOO much fun. This was mine and my sons first time going. He LOVES watching the races and he is only 2 1/2yrs old, he even has a favorite driver. Can you guess who it is? Its Kyle Busch the M & M car of course #18 lol! He LOVES that car!! Thats who he was rooting for when we went. My Inlaws and brother in Law came with us to the Race. I had a blast even though it was super loud. It took us forever to get there as well just because of all the traffic! We got home at like 3am, lol. Kyle Busch won and my son was SUPER excited about it! Here are some pictures of us at the race.

I am not going to add a lot of pictures because I took about 200 pictures at the race, lol. It was super hot but the good thing about it all was that it was a night race so it seriously cooled down later on. CJ did end up passing out but only for about an hour and then was up and enjoying his race cars. We saw a few spin outs but that was about it, lol. We really wanted to see a HUGE crash but ya that didnt happen at all lol.

Sunday my husband had planned to have some of his friends over to watch Avatar but no one showed up! This is like the 2nd or 3rd time it has happened, lol. Go figure huh? Oh well! My mother in law helped me clean up the house which was AWESOME!! I just dont seem to get the energy to clean it all up but just the front main rooms. I have a few things to clean but nothing to big that I cant handle on my own. So after the inlaws left Chuck and I relax. We had an easy dinner, Frito pie, yummy! We watched Avatar and I love that movie it was really really good! Chuck said something about people wanting to commit suicide after watching that movie. Stupid if you ask me lol.

Well we go in NEXT Monday to find out what we are having. I SOOO can not wait to find out what it is! So I am hoping that our week goes by quickly. Tomorrow is our 3yr anniversary and this weekend is Mothers day. So I will be assuming that it goes by quickly. Oh ya I am 19wks pregnant today. Yay! Cant wait! Here is a picture of me at 18 wks along. I am getting bigger and I am feeling my stomach stretch and its just so weird lol. Oh ya I got a heat rash on my belly yesterday it was weird and super itchy.

Well that is it for now! I hope everyone is doing well!