Saturday, June 12, 2010

24wk Update

Well Friday we went to our fetal echogenic appointment to make sure nothing was wrong with baby Jamison. It was a long week waiting for Friday to come. My appointment was at 8:15am and I had to get up super early to make sure I had enough time to get through the tunnel, find a parking spot, and get to my appointment. We got to see out little Jamison in the ultrasound. He is soo cute all squished in my belly lol. The Dr. said that he didnt see anything that would be of concern. So as for right now we know that he doesnt have Downs Syndrome or anything else that is associated with bright whites spots in the bowel. We are going back in 6wks to make sure that he is doing well. He is growing well and he weights about 1lb and some change, he is in the 50% for his growth and weight which is good. He has a strong heart beat and was just chilling in my belly. He is such a cutie pie. He is so far very calm and doesnt move to much. I think he knows what kind of crazy family he is coming into. He was however moving a bit more this last few weeks when his big brother was away at his grandparents. it was nice and quiet.

Well here I am at 24wks, not that much of a difference with growth really lol. I really wont blow up til towards the end of the pregnancy. So far this pregnancy is going the same as CJs with the weight gain and showing. I did however start showing a little bit earlier with this one then I did with CJ but I think its because its my second pregnancy. I'm not complaining atleast I look pregnant and not fat like I was about a month ago, lol.
Not much has been going on of course. CJ came home lastnight from his grandparents but we will be heading back there tomorrow for the week. Hubby will be out doing work crap and I dont wanna be here by myself. CJ just talks and talk and talks, OMG its like Child do you ever hush up? LOL he doesnt, he only stops when he is sleeping and thats IF he isnt talking in his sleep, lol.

I joined a new group on Cafemom to meet moms and other kids for CJ and I. I really do hope to make friends out here. I am soo tired of not knowing anyone and not having friends. Its driving me bonkers. I swear I must sound desperate to some of these moms lol. I miss my friends back in TX. I just hope I can make some really good friends out here. I am keeping my fingers crossed, lol.

Well I am down blogging, I have nothing left to update. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update, Update, Update

So I said that I would come back and update my blog. Well here I am!! LOL. Lets see what has happened? Hmmm...a ton has gone on. Well we will start from Monday May 17th lol. Well we found out what we are having and guess what it is......? A boy lol of course you all know by now lol. It took a long time to figure out his name but I think we decided on Jamison Jackson. My husband and I really like both of those names.

CJ and I headed out to WA on the 18th of May but on the 17th I got a call from my OB telling me that they were concerned about something they saw on the ultrasound pictures. They found bright white spots in the baby's bowel area and that is generally associated with Cystic Fibrosis and Down syndrome. Well my test for Cystic Fibrosis came back negative and I didnt take the triquad screening so I think that is why they need to me to get a consultation with the Fetal Echogenic Medicine people. I freaked out a bit and then I googled what else can cause it. Found out that the baby could of ingested aminotic fluid that had blood in it and I hope and pray that that is the case. We have an appt on June 11th to see what is going on with the baby and what not. So please still keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

So CJ and I headed out to WA and we had a blast out there. He played and played with his cousins and just enjoyed himself to the fullest. He didnt want to leave at all to be honest. When we were flying back home he kept saying he wanted to go back into his grandmas car and to her house. He didnt understand that we live far away so we could only stay for a little bit. I think he kind of got the idea when he saw his daddy at the airport. He was so excited to see him and told him about everything that he could think of. The weather out there of course SUCKED like always lol. I always seem to go on the weeks its raining lol. Its all good we still had a blast!
Me and my older sister
Me and my Mom
CJ and his Cousin

So once we got back we had to adjust to the 3hr time change and OMG that sucked so bad!! It took me about a day and a half to feel recovered lol. I had my 22wk check up the day after we got in. I was SOOOO tired to say the least. I FINALLY gained some weight and of course I dont like the weight number but I know that its good for the baby and I need it lol. The baby's heartbeat is a strong 151 which is great. I really didnt have any questions for the midwife so the appointment was in and out. The next time I go in to see them I have my Glucose test, gross and super yuck!! LOL. But the baby sound great and right now I swear he is kicking my in my rear lol and its so not cool.

So Thursdays was my husband soft ball game and so we went but CJ passed out on the way and I wanted to still see him play but let our son nap so we parked close to the field. WELL ya it was a bad day. The softball hit our window and shattered it. It wasnt even hit by the bat!! They were practicing pop flies....come on near cars are you that dumb?!?!?! Apparently they were that day! The guys that hit the window felt horrible about it. But hey it happens right? LOL. So it is now wednesday and the windshield people are SUPPOSE to be here today to fix it. So far NOTHING!! Blah!! I hate not having a car.

So this past weekend was Memorial Day weekend! I hope you all had a blast! I know I did I am super exhausted from the weekend! Saturday we went out to Richmond, VA and went to the outlet!! CJ got his first real pair of Crocs!! He loves them I couldnt pass up crocs for $9.99 lol. I also got my FIRST pair of Oakley Sunglasses!! I love the so much they are super CUTE!!! See them ~~~>> they are pink on the inside they are Breast Cancer awareness glasses so I couldnt pass them up!! So after shopping and traveling we checked into our Hotel and slept. Sunday we got up early to Meet up with the In-laws, ate some Bob Evans, super yummy food and then headed out to Kings Diminion for the day!! We had so much fun. My husband and his dad went on a ton of rides and CJ and his grandma went on a ton too. He had sooo much fun!! It was SUPER hot!! I started to get cranky cause I was hot and tired! But I got in some AC cooled off and relaxed and was much better! My baby was TIRED he like napped for two hours!! Then when he got up he was ready to go again!! Here are some pictures from Kings... took to many of course lol. CJ had a blast and so did my husband. My in laws took CJ home with them. The drive back home was very LONG and boring and tiring!! Monday we had some friends over for a cook out and that was so much fun.
Now today its just me by myself its weird not having my little bugger with me lol. I dont know what to do with myself to say the least, lol. I am relaxing and sleeping in. I called to see how CJ was and he is doing great!! Well I will end this very LONG blog entering. thanks for staying this long to read it. Happy June!!