Saturday, June 12, 2010

24wk Update

Well Friday we went to our fetal echogenic appointment to make sure nothing was wrong with baby Jamison. It was a long week waiting for Friday to come. My appointment was at 8:15am and I had to get up super early to make sure I had enough time to get through the tunnel, find a parking spot, and get to my appointment. We got to see out little Jamison in the ultrasound. He is soo cute all squished in my belly lol. The Dr. said that he didnt see anything that would be of concern. So as for right now we know that he doesnt have Downs Syndrome or anything else that is associated with bright whites spots in the bowel. We are going back in 6wks to make sure that he is doing well. He is growing well and he weights about 1lb and some change, he is in the 50% for his growth and weight which is good. He has a strong heart beat and was just chilling in my belly. He is such a cutie pie. He is so far very calm and doesnt move to much. I think he knows what kind of crazy family he is coming into. He was however moving a bit more this last few weeks when his big brother was away at his grandparents. it was nice and quiet.

Well here I am at 24wks, not that much of a difference with growth really lol. I really wont blow up til towards the end of the pregnancy. So far this pregnancy is going the same as CJs with the weight gain and showing. I did however start showing a little bit earlier with this one then I did with CJ but I think its because its my second pregnancy. I'm not complaining atleast I look pregnant and not fat like I was about a month ago, lol.
Not much has been going on of course. CJ came home lastnight from his grandparents but we will be heading back there tomorrow for the week. Hubby will be out doing work crap and I dont wanna be here by myself. CJ just talks and talk and talks, OMG its like Child do you ever hush up? LOL he doesnt, he only stops when he is sleeping and thats IF he isnt talking in his sleep, lol.

I joined a new group on Cafemom to meet moms and other kids for CJ and I. I really do hope to make friends out here. I am soo tired of not knowing anyone and not having friends. Its driving me bonkers. I swear I must sound desperate to some of these moms lol. I miss my friends back in TX. I just hope I can make some really good friends out here. I am keeping my fingers crossed, lol.

Well I am down blogging, I have nothing left to update. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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