Thursday, July 15, 2010

Its Been a while

So its been awhile since the last time I updated my blog. Time sure does fly by quickly! I am currently 29 weeks well more like towards the end of 29 weeks. Jamison is moving around more and more now-a-days which is pretty neat and kind of annoying all at the same time, lol.

CJ is still working on his potty training. I am not to sure how to get him to understand that he only gets a reward if he doesnt potty in his pull-up. He is just not understanding that to well. Other then that he is doing good he has his terrible 3 moments and I hope it doesnt get bad. Some days he is the sweetest little thing ever and other times you just dont want to deal with him lol. I will say though that he loves his both sets his grandparents, his cousins, uncles and aunts. He is ALWAYS talking about them. He even wakes up in the morning tell me that his gramma is at work lol. Oh ya and he also tells me that baby JJ is in the car as well lol.

Well lets see I did my gluclose test and I guess I did well because I havent gotten a call from them. At that time when i went in for my appointment I only gained 1.5lbs which was awesome. I am sure that I weight more but that comes with brewing a little monster in my belly, right? LOL. We all cant be skinny during the whole 9 months of pregnancy lol boy do we wish we could be at times lol. We have an appointment next week to check up on Jamison to make sure nothing shows up again. I cant wait to see my little bugger and see how big hes getting. The Dr and the nurse are just going to have to deal with CJ being in there with us. Not our fault that their drop in child care is full on that day in CJs age group. Itll give CJ a chance to see his baby brother.

Ah we have become after on a group on Cafemom and we have gone to the two playdates that they have had. Its a great group of ladies and I am pretty happy about it. CJ loves to play with the kids and us moms have great conversation which is a plus! CJ gets excited when we go to the play dates he thinks we are going to a play kids which is where his grandma takes him out in NC. He does really well when its time to leave. I dont have to deal with him crying and screaming he gets in his play time and is good to go! I wish our place was bigger because I would love to have them all over so we could just chill out relax, chat and let the kids play! This is kind of the time where I miss having my huge house!

Here are pictures of me at the different stages of the pregnancy. Yes I am getting bigger and I can see it!
26/27 weeks

28 weeks.

I will do my best to keep this more update. I have just been relaxing and chilling out. I have also been crocheting my little heart out! I am hoping to get my shop up and going here in the next few days! I need to get motivated!! Thanks for stopping by and keeping up to date!

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