Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me and my Tardiness

Yup I know I am BAD at this blogging. To much going on or I get so side tracked it unbelievable lol. Tisk, tisk to me, lol. Let me get all caught up. Of course its going to be ANOTHER long post. Sorry to my few readers that these are so long. So here goes the catch up. Ill try not to make it super long but ya we know how that goes! LOL.

July 20th I had my ultrasound to check up on the baby. He is doing well. Weighting in at 3lbs 14oz! Big boy for him only being 30wks lol. The bowel area is no longer a concern for the doctors now, BUT they see another concern. If its not one thing then its another, right? The Dr said that he had to much fluid in his kidneys for his gestational age. So we go back on the 20th of August to see if the fluid has gotten worse or stayed the same. I am not to sure what will happen if its more. I guess they said that we will have to take him to the urologist to get him checked when he is born if the situation doesn't fix itself. We shall see.
And there I am at 30wks along. I cant wait for this pregnancy to be over. I am tired of being tired and not having energy to not do anything.

My husband was in Vegas from the 23rd Jul- 2Aug so CJ and I went to my mother in laws on the 22nd to spend the week with her. She had so much planned that by the time we left I was SOOOO ready to be back home to rest. We went to Kinston, NC to the planetarium and science museum which was awesome and it was FREE so it was even better. CJ had fun and we went with my mother in law friend and her two grand babies. They all had a blast there. The saw some animals and learn some things.

And there are some pictures from the adventure that we had at Kinston. It was fun and hot but they enjoyed themselves and where so tired by the time we left. They say a rattle snake, chinchilla, fox, breaded dragon lizard or something like that, tarantula and so water animals.
We did a ton of things and of course I was lazy and didn't take many pictures lol. My mother in law had a baby shower for me and that was so much fun! There were pictures taken but I don't have them, lol. I left my camera at the house and I forgot to bring my external hard drive to save the pictures that my mother in law took. I am sure I will get the pictures when I go back there. We got a ton of cute things for baby JJ and I am so thankful for the baby shower they held for me which they didn't need to do at all. It was a great time!

I had my appt with my ob on the 30th of July and found out that when I go in on the 27th of August that we will schedule the date of my C-section. I am very excited about that and scared at the same time. CJ got to hear his baby bothers heart beat and he things that is just so cool. He also named his baby in his belly. His baby name is Thomas, lol, crazy kid! I hope time flies, it seems to be because I feel so overwhelmed.

We found out that our renters want to purchase our house so we are going through that process and hopefully we can get that situation out of our hands because that would just be SOOO very awesome! My mom had her surgery and she is doing well with her recovery process, thank the lord. Everything seems to be going good and smoothly.

CJ turns 3 on the 21st and I cant believe it. He is growing up way to fast! We are having him to parties, blah. One over in NC with his grandparents and one here with his new friends! He loves hanging out with his new friends. Oh ya found out that Chuck is going to be leaving for ANOTHER conference here in the VERY near future and I am so not happy about it. He JUST got back from being away in Vegas. I guess Id be able to handle it better if I wasn't so darn hormonal.

CJ was so happy to see his dad when he got home and he hasn't left his side which is GOOD for ME, lol. I need the break lol. CJ takes so much energy away from me, lol. He seems to be having a GOOD break through with his potty training I hope he keeps it up. So far we have had TWO days of NO accidents at all. We are now on day three and I hope today is good for him and us. I really want to take him to get a big prize for doing so well with his potty training!

Well I will end this boring long blog, lol. Ill come back and update with my 32wk belly picture that I haven't taken yet. I hope your week is going well!

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