Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, Monday!

So I am glad that the weekend is over with! It was very busy! Friday CJ and I went to my ultrasound to see baby JJ! CJ was so excited to see his baby brother. He did very well with it just being him and I at the dr appt. My Husband was flying in from his work trip and didnt make it to the appt on time. The baby was weighting in at like almost 6lbs! I couldnt believe it! OMG he is going to be SOOOO big! I was 34wks on friday and ya not looking forward to seeing how big he is going to be when he is born. I will say that my baby has the cutest chunky cheeks ever! I cant wait to meet him. This mama is tried of holding him in my belly!
Here is my chunky monkey boy! Isnt he adorable?!?! I cant believe how define you can see him in the picture! I already love this boy so much, even though he likes to beat me up! Hes my little boy and CJ loves him too. I can tell that CJ is going to be a great big brother!

After the appointment we waited for my hubs to get home before we headed out to NC for CJs 3rd bday party. We had his party at Chick-fil-a with his friends on Saturday. It was fun I must say! He got spoiled and NO I dont have any pictures with me. They are on my mother in laws camera and I am going to have to wait to see the pictures. I was happy when the party was over. Boy oh boy did those boys wear me out even though all I did was sit there LOL. We left Saturday after the party back to VA because my in laws needed to come out here and needed a place so we came back! Chuck and I started moving the baby stuff into CJs room and we got a few things done.

Sunday we got the crib set up and I got to wash the little baby clothes! I cant believe how many clothes CJ had! Its a crap ton! So the clothes are washed I just need to fold them about put them away. I cant wait for my monkey boy to get here! He is killing me!

Today we had CJs 3yr wellness check up. He did really well. We are getting him reevaluated for speech to see where he is at. I hope he doesnt have to take it but if he does he does. I did some cleaning nothing to big, lol. Then I sat down and crocheted some. I also got some sewing done! As a matter of fact I need to finish up what I started with my sewing! So I will end this and hope you all had a great weekend!


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