Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Creations for the day!

So like I said on my 365 today was a day all about me. Here is what I got done today.

So I put this 2009 Calendar together. Its Creat-A-Calendar from Stampin Up! I bought it at the end of last year and I am just now making it 3months into the new year, go figure, lol. Oh ya if you all want to buy some stampin up check out I wont be upset if you purchase anything, lol.

Here is my two page Layout that I did. I am VERY Happy with how it turned out! I spent a long time doing these two layout but I think it was worth the time! I love how it came out!

I did this card for Mrs. Dees card sketch challenge. I had fun making it too!! I made those flowers!!! THey are SUPER easy to make!! All that paper that you see there is all Stampin Up!! Same with the ink!

Here is that FAMOUS scarf that I was working hard to finish all week. I finally FINISHED it tonight!! YES!! I LOVE the way it came out. I dont want to give it to my sister but I gotta because that is her bday gift lol. So this is what I did all day long. Hope you like it!


Well look at this I remembered to update my blog lol! I am so proud of myself for not waiting forever to update this. So here we goooooo.............

Well I updated my blog. There wasn't much to my day. Just chilling, working on Sonia's scarf and cleaning a little bit. When Chuck came home CJ was all about daddy. It was so cute! I had to take a picture for Chuck in uniform for his work and CJ wanted to stand next to daddy in the picture. This picture Chuck was sitting on the wall on the floor talking to me and CJ had to be just like daddy and went to go sit next to him. Its so cute seeing the two of them together and playing I love it!
Along with sitting today I worked on my sisters scarf, lol. I am so late to getting these done and out. Their birthday was in JANUARY. Oh and get this? My other sisters bday is Mar 7th! AHHHHHHHH!! I know she is going to want me to make her something too, lol. Got to get on the ball lol. I just worked my little heart out on this scarf. I love it because its so soft and Pretty. I dont want to even send it to her. But I gotta give it to her or she might come and beat my butt, lol jk! Of course I did a few loads of laundry, yay me, lol. I hate doing laundry, its the worst thing ever invented!!
Once again I was working on the scarf, lol. Trust me I worked on it ALL week!! It was my mission to get that dang thing done!! Here we are. CJ found my braids and was messing with them! He was taking the tails and smelling them, good thing my hair was washed lol. It was tickling his nose and he would laugh so hard. He would do it to me and then do it to himself. He was have a ball!! We did this for about 15min then he started pulling my braids, lol, brat! It was a good relaxing day. Just did more laundry because it doesnt ever seem like it will ever get finished!!
27 Feb:
I didnt have to watch Danielle, it was my day off. So I had nothing going on and I was slacking on major deep cleaning for the house. I decided to get my lazy butt off the couch and clean. To my amazement I was enjoying myself, lol. I got all of downstairs cleaned and it looked so PRETTY. I was very very pleased with myself. So I ran upstairs to put some stuff away and I heard CJ giggling. I grabbed my camera and this is what I saw. I really didnt know what to say my reaction was. I was in shock lol. All I did was laugh take this quick picture and got him down. I wasnt made at him or anything like that, I just thought the site was so funny to see. It brighten up my day. I paid the bills and was so sad after, the times are just so hard for everyone and it sucks! Chuck got home early and we chilled for a bit. CJ and I left daddy to go and get out of the house. I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby to get a few things. It was AWESOME getting out of the house. It was so refreshing. Chuck has had my car all week so I was kind of trapped, lol. I was going to scrap after I came back from shopping but hubby wanted me to play WoW and of course when it comes to him Im a sucker lol so thats what I did instead.
Today was all about me. I did absolutely nothing. I must say I enjoyed it so very much. All I did was do some scrapbooking. It took me awhile to get my mojo going but I got there. I have been in a crafty slump for awhile and I needed to kick that in the butt! So I did a few things in my scrap room. Here is CJ passed out on me. My poor baby woke up at 6:30!! What in the world was he thinking? He didnt even go back to sleep!! It was a long day for me. It feels like 10pm instead of it being 8pm lol. It was nice having time to do what I wanted to do!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


16 Feb:
Photobucket Today Chuck had the day off. It was nice to have him off for the day since it was Presidents day. I was a little upset though because I was watching the little girl. It was really riducilous that they would think they could play me as a fool to think that the banks where open(mom works at a bank). I didnt watch the little girl long because the father got sick. He ended up with the Stomach virus so I didnt have to watch the little girl at all this week. It was so nice to have the week to CJ and I! All I did was just clean and get some laundry going. I swear that the laundry is NEVER ENDING!!!

Photobucket It was a chill day for CJ and I!!! It was just him and I all day long!!! We did absolutely NOTHING and it was AWESOME!!! I made CJ favorite dinner of Spagehetti and of course he ENJOYED it!!! Chuck came home from work and we spent some family time playing with CJ and what not.

Photobucket CJ and I met up with the Girls today. We went to La Cantera Mall! It was a nice Beautiful day outside but it was sure kind of CHilly for the sun being out. At La Cantera we took the kiddies to the play area and OMG CJ was in Heaven!! I swear you would like my kid was born in the wild!! He LOVES being outdoors. He was sliding down the slide head first on his belly basically every possible way there is to slide down the slide! Chuck needed me to go get CJs Birth Certificate and I had no clue where to go. So Stephanie was so kind to take me downtown to the place we needed to go. Let me tell you that was an adventure in itself lol. We went to the court house area and that was the WRONG place. They sent us else where. Boy do we hate traveling down town. After like a few hours we finally got the kids birth certificate and went home. Lol we were cracking up because we were going around in circles down town!

Photobucket I actually did a little scrapping today!! It was SOO MUCH FUN!! I need to do it more. I just have to figure out how to do it with both of the kids with me. I may have to ask the mommies with two kiddies how they do it. The little girl that I watch sleeps in the guest room(scrap room) and my son in his room. Anyway here is a layout that I did. I also made a card as well. I had a blast!!!

Photobucket Today was CJs 18month appointment. It didnt go as I wanted it to go. The doctor said that he doesnt know enough words and that he is borderline to her. She wants hin to get a speech evaluation done and get a hearing test too. So I called the speech therapy people and they should call me by this friday. I have no clue when the hearing people will call me to schedule an appointment. CJ is 33in tall and is 25lbs. She wants him to gain more weight!! So I have to watch that and have him eat a ton!! But other then that he did good. I didnt get him his shoots because we are leaving town tomorrow. He will get all of his shot on March 18th.

Photobucket So I couldnt just pick two pictures! We talked to Waco, Tx to take Cj to Sesame Street Live!! It was totally AWESOME and worth it!! We got rid of our tickets when we got there! Our seats where AWESOME as well. We were in row 4 from the stage!! CJ was dancing and having fun!! He got a toy and a shirt. He also wanted a $10 balloon but that didnt happen at all. I would tell any parent to take their Child to see Sesame Street Live it was so cute. I even enjoyed it!

Photobucket Well it was a chill Sunday! We love our sundays to be pretty chilled out. We went out to Breakfast with my hubbys friend and it was some good food!! We stayed at home played some WoW, went outside, I read some of my book, did a couple of loads of laundry. CJ was surfing the channels and he found NASCAR! He was so drawn by it. It stood still and watched it for about a half hour. It was too cute he was just standing there with his mouth open looking at the cars go by. It was fine by me he was quiet and not getting into trouble!!

Photobucket So cleaning is a never ending thing in my house! With two kids during the day I have to keep on top of them. Then my BIG Kid comes home and makes more of a mess. So I am literally cleaning all day if I feel up to it. This Morning I was Vacuuming and CJ got a play Vacuum for v-day from his Grandma so here he is helping me vacuum the loft. Isnt that so cute. I am trying to teach him young so he is not the typical lazy future husband, lol. We will see how long it will be before he finds pretend cleaning is no fun at all. Maybe he will be a great healper once he is older! But I did accomplish my month of clean clothes that were piled high downstairs, they got folded and put away!! Yay me!! I hate folding laundry but hey someone has to do it!!

Well I think we are caugh up expect for todays pic of the day.

14 Feb - 23 Feb

I hope you ladies had a wonderful Valentines day!! I Know I sure did. We went to the Rodeo!! We had so much fun!! It was our first time going and I want to go back, to bad this is our last year here. CJ had fun seeing all of the animals. He pet a sheep and was trying to get into the pig pen. We saw Elsie that cow that is on the milk, lol. That was on HUGE cow I must say. We also saw the little baby too! After we walked around the fair grounds we went to the Rodeo part of it!! I love ROdeos they are just so much fun. I suggest that you all go see one atleast just once. They had little kids like ages 4-6 do mutton crushing or something like that. They hold on to sheep and its SOOO cute!!! We say Billy Ray Cyrus sing too, lol. CJ was singing to Brown Eyed Girl, lol. It was too freaking cute and of course he was eating the people next to us their popcorn, what a turd. We were so tired by the end of the day!!

We didnt do to much this day. I am sure we didnt because it was a sunday. I am losing my memory here so I guess i better start writing what we did if I am going to wait forever to update this crap, lol. I Honestly think that we went to Zios Italian resturant this night! I know for a fact that we didnt do anything because we just generally dont do much on Sundays. But anyway Zios was really good. It was my First time eating there and we went with my hubbys bff and his girl friend. They asked chuck to be his best man and of course chuck accepted. CJ was having fun at the resturante and then starting being a pain in the butt.


*****Ok this isnt letting me add pictures???Hmmm....going to try adding to a new entry******

Friday, February 13, 2009

6 Feb - 13Feb

So I have come to figure out that I can do my daily picture taking but I just dont have the energy to blog it. I dont know how some people do it with Two kids or more but I sure do give you all props for it!!

So here are my pictures:

6 Feb:

This was a very special day for CJ and I!! Chuck was FINALLY coming back home to us!!! He got in at 4:10pm and once we got him we went to go eat at Texas Roadhouse!! Some super yummy food. CJ did very well with Chuck being back home. Even though the picture doesnt look like he wanted to be with his dad, he just really wanted to be running around outside!! I swear that day was a VERY long day to wait for Chuck to get home. I got ready and who knows what time and CJ took a really long nap. So we were, well I was, Super excited when it was time to go pick up my hunny. It was a GREAT Day for me!!


Saturday was a family day. We didnt do to much but our day sure did go by fast. We all slept in SURPSINGLY! We took CJ to the park and we all had a blast!! CJ was LOVING going down the slides. Of COurse Chuck was showing him how to go down face first lol. He also ate a mouth full of rocks too!! Here is CJ in his sweet Shopping cart getting some groceries!!


Well Sunday was a relax day. Didnt do much but play outside in the back yard. Here is your little Colts fan right here with his Tarheels bball!! Thats all we did was just chill in the house and went outside. Nothing to exciting or interesting really.


I'm really not to sure what we did monday. I know I have been reading TONS!!! I got this Valentine Day card from one of the ladies in my Cafemom Group. It is pretty cute. Other then getting this, which was exciting to recieve, I just watched the Little Girl. Nothing to exciting at all!!


This is what happens when I get bored!!! So CJ and I went to the mall and hung out. I didnt have to watch the little girl that day which was awesome because I really needed to get out of the house! There was a BUNCH of ladies that met up and it was nice being able to chit chat and what not. It was so funny because there was a TON of strollers there and CJ was the ONLY boy!! So here I am after the mall. OH ya we got home and had NO internet or Cable!! OMG I was going CRAZY!!! So we went to the movies and saw "hes just not that into you" very cute movie. CJ did as good as any 17month old can be in the theather. It was nice having more family time!!


This is that man that I love!!! He is my other half and he seriously makes me whole!! I dont know what I ever did without him in my life!! He means the world to me and without him I feel lost. I am so glad that we both found eachother. We are so happy that its unbelievable!! Oh and he gave me the best and cutest child ever!! This man, Chuck, means the world to me. I love him!!


So here is my little Turkey Monster!! Yes my son is wearing a BAsket on his HEad and Sticking his tongue out. He that he was the funniest thing alive, lol. Even though I was watching the little girl it felt like it was just CJ and I. The little girl attacked CJ for his pop tart she had two fists full of pop tart and she attacked him for his cookie later that day. Now she is only 10months old and her parents have not told me what she can have as in solids so she got pretty pissy when I took the food out of her hands, lol. But the day was just really relaxed. The kids just played and had some fun.

So Chuck got home early from work today. I was extremely surprised by that! I got to do a little crafting done. That was REALLY nice!!! I havent been able to get in my scraproom since who knows when. I sure do miss scrapping and making this. But I did his mail box for his vday gift and I altered this wood heart piece. I think they came out good.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

2Feb - 5 Feb

2 Feb:
So this is my picture of the day!! My handsome little Feller looking super CUTE! This day was just another day nothing to exciting going on at all. We went to Wal-Mart after the Little Girls father got her. I bought some Cookies and OMG CJ loved them up. Well we both loved them and ate them, lol. I love this picture because I actually think orange looks good on him! Oh ya this was also an interesting day as well!! So drama happened and I am so glad drama is out of my life!
Feb 3:
Well my little booger is a smart one!! He will use anything and everything and climb on it. Here he is turning the light switch off and on!! Some days I feel like he is starting his terrible twos and OMG he can drive me crazy!! But that smile that you see on his face really does make it all better at times. So I thought that my day of drama was over with well.....when it rains, it pours, right? Well in my case is surely did. My Ex-Husband's Fiance had the NERVE to Stalk me and find my number. I changed my cell phone number and my ex didnt get the new number. His fiance told me that she searched the internet to get it. Anyway her reason for call me is to get me to say yes to giving them the annullment so they could get married. Any way I had to deal with her and told her to never contact me and if she did I would take it to harassment. So that was my drama for that day. Also my WONDERFUL friend Mrs. Shandiin contacted me. Man I sure do miss her. Her and I met while we were deployed and She seriously is the BEST person on this earth. We talk like it had not been years since we seen each other!

Feb 4:
As much as I love my son to death I look forward to bed time. He drives me crazy and ragged during the day and OMG some days I feel like I cant make it through the day. This is the way I love to see him, peaceful and tired!! He is everything to my husband and I! I look forward to bed time and waking up to him!! I love you CJ!
Feb 5:
My Chocolate Monster!! CJ is a chocoaholic!! This child of mine LOVES chocolate. Can you see the chocolate on his mouth? He actually helped me take this picture of him!!! I guess I should have him help me more often because it came out great!!! Also my husband will finally be home tomorrow!! So my mission for the day was to get the house sparkly clean!! YA RIGHT!! Both CJ and the Little Girl where NOT going to let that happen. I am still trying to survive the night. CJ is driving me bonkers and just being HORRIBLE today. I have no clue why he is being the biggest pest in my butt but he is!! One more day and daddy will be here to take him for a moment!! SO I hope you all are doing well!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Jan - 1 Feb

Hahahaha!! Wow I am so ashamed of myself for not doing what I had promised. Last week was very tough for me and it was a long week, yes I know now a good enough excuse.

25 Jan:

Well today was just a very chill day for CJ and I. I dont know why I was so worn out but I was. My picture of thday is of CJ doing his fishy face. I have no clue how he learned to do this but he does. Its the cutest thing on this earth!! He will even give you a fishy kiss!!! As much as my son can annoy me he is the joy and light of my life. I love this kid to no end!!


This is how CJ and I spend our evening together!! We are generally Chilling at the computer desk talking to daddy!! We have a TOn of pictures of CJ and I. We cant wait til daddy gets home so we can be a whole family again!! CJ misses his daddy and you can tell that he does just by the way he interacts with out males. Very soon his daddy will be home!!

27 Jan:

SOOOO this day was a very LONG and FRUSTRATING day for me!! I watch a Little Girl and I found out that I had to watch her on friday, which I normally have off. Her dad "forgot" to call me and tell me that he had class all week long! So I got over the "forgetfullness" and went on with my day. SOOOO I am sitting here waiting for the dad to get her at around 4pm and nothing!! So its 4:30 and shes still here. By this time I am getting a little frustrated. So at 5 he calls and tells me that he has been at the dealership since 1pm!! He wanted to know if I could watch her longer!! OMG are you serious? You "forget" to call me and let me know that you are going to a dealership and call at 5 to see if I could keep her longer? Anyway I told him that I could because by this time I needed to go work off some anger. Keep in mind this car dealership is clear across town and its rush hour traffic. He finally gets here at 5:50pm to get his daughter. Any way I go and work off some steam and BOY did it feel great!! Any way this is my picture of the day of CJ. He passed out by my computer desk. He was so exhausted!! He makes me happy!!


Here is my "little gamer" oh yes!! Here he is sitting here playing World of Warcraft. Yes he has his own Toon for him to mess around with. All he knows how to do his make his character jump up and down. He was laughing so hard when his character was jumping it was SUPER cute to hear!! This is what made my day better, because I was not to happy with the little girls father. He was at home by 2 or 3 playing WoW(world of warcraft) and didnt get his daughter till later, OMG!! I get so frustrated with people like him.


"AHHH Attack of the GIANT Baby!!!" So here is my son playing in his baby gym!! I brought it out becaus my friend Stephanie came over and I wanted her daughter to play in it. Well my baby decided that HE wanted to play with it instead of letting her play with it. So here is my gaint monster baby acting like he is 5months old, lol. He even pulled it out from his room when I put it back in there, lol. It was a very relaxing day for me today kind of!


So I know that this picture is Blurry but I love it!! Here we are heading out to go to BWW to hang out with JACKIE!!! I could not wait to get some wings in my system!! CJ had a yummy cheese burger at BWW and he almost ate the WHOLE darn thing. there was like a sliver of hamburger left, lol. He LOVED dipping his fries into my ranch lol. it was so nice to get out of the house and just have some girl time and talk about whatever. Well I had CJ so it was a normal everyday out type of thing when I do go out lol. I think next time we go out we are leaving CJ with his daddy lol since he will be back by then, lol.


So today I was not feeling to good. I was cramping and having a bad headache. CJ has an eye tooth coming is so he is not doing to hot! I went to Michaels thinking it was the 1st to get my sister some yarn for her bday gift i am making. WELL I was like why are things not on sale then I realized that it wasnt the 1st!! LOL bad bad me lol. Anyways I tried to do some scrapping but CJ was not being helpful with that at all. I got two cards done and that was it!! Here is the card that I sumbitted to Dee card challenge. It came out sooo cute!! I had to put it in there last minute! It was the only day that I got to scrap!! OH and I won the prize, pretty crazy huh?

SuperBowl Sunday!! I cleaned my house, well downstairs that is!! I was EXHAUSTED after I was done. I am doing my "nesting" and preparing for my hubby's return on FRIDAY!! YAY!! I found these daggers (toys) for my son that we used for halloween 2yrs ago. He likes to sword fight with me!! That is something new that he started doing and I think its cute!! So here he is playing with his swords!!

Ok I got it completed i am updated. i will get pictures up today of my picture of the day. Have a super feb!!!