Tuesday, February 24, 2009

14 Feb - 23 Feb

I hope you ladies had a wonderful Valentines day!! I Know I sure did. We went to the Rodeo!! We had so much fun!! It was our first time going and I want to go back, to bad this is our last year here. CJ had fun seeing all of the animals. He pet a sheep and was trying to get into the pig pen. We saw Elsie that cow that is on the milk, lol. That was on HUGE cow I must say. We also saw the little baby too! After we walked around the fair grounds we went to the Rodeo part of it!! I love ROdeos they are just so much fun. I suggest that you all go see one atleast just once. They had little kids like ages 4-6 do mutton crushing or something like that. They hold on to sheep and its SOOO cute!!! We say Billy Ray Cyrus sing too, lol. CJ was singing to Brown Eyed Girl, lol. It was too freaking cute and of course he was eating the people next to us their popcorn, what a turd. We were so tired by the end of the day!!

We didnt do to much this day. I am sure we didnt because it was a sunday. I am losing my memory here so I guess i better start writing what we did if I am going to wait forever to update this crap, lol. I Honestly think that we went to Zios Italian resturant this night! I know for a fact that we didnt do anything because we just generally dont do much on Sundays. But anyway Zios was really good. It was my First time eating there and we went with my hubbys bff and his girl friend. They asked chuck to be his best man and of course chuck accepted. CJ was having fun at the resturante and then starting being a pain in the butt.


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Mitch and Shannon said...

The pictures look awesome!! I love the spaghetti all over Cj's body!! Too cute...my Autumn does that to this day...she's 5 and still has food all over her face!! It's great!!