Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Jan - 1 Feb

Hahahaha!! Wow I am so ashamed of myself for not doing what I had promised. Last week was very tough for me and it was a long week, yes I know now a good enough excuse.

25 Jan:

Well today was just a very chill day for CJ and I. I dont know why I was so worn out but I was. My picture of thday is of CJ doing his fishy face. I have no clue how he learned to do this but he does. Its the cutest thing on this earth!! He will even give you a fishy kiss!!! As much as my son can annoy me he is the joy and light of my life. I love this kid to no end!!


This is how CJ and I spend our evening together!! We are generally Chilling at the computer desk talking to daddy!! We have a TOn of pictures of CJ and I. We cant wait til daddy gets home so we can be a whole family again!! CJ misses his daddy and you can tell that he does just by the way he interacts with out males. Very soon his daddy will be home!!

27 Jan:

SOOOO this day was a very LONG and FRUSTRATING day for me!! I watch a Little Girl and I found out that I had to watch her on friday, which I normally have off. Her dad "forgot" to call me and tell me that he had class all week long! So I got over the "forgetfullness" and went on with my day. SOOOO I am sitting here waiting for the dad to get her at around 4pm and nothing!! So its 4:30 and shes still here. By this time I am getting a little frustrated. So at 5 he calls and tells me that he has been at the dealership since 1pm!! He wanted to know if I could watch her longer!! OMG are you serious? You "forget" to call me and let me know that you are going to a dealership and call at 5 to see if I could keep her longer? Anyway I told him that I could because by this time I needed to go work off some anger. Keep in mind this car dealership is clear across town and its rush hour traffic. He finally gets here at 5:50pm to get his daughter. Any way I go and work off some steam and BOY did it feel great!! Any way this is my picture of the day of CJ. He passed out by my computer desk. He was so exhausted!! He makes me happy!!


Here is my "little gamer" oh yes!! Here he is sitting here playing World of Warcraft. Yes he has his own Toon for him to mess around with. All he knows how to do his make his character jump up and down. He was laughing so hard when his character was jumping it was SUPER cute to hear!! This is what made my day better, because I was not to happy with the little girls father. He was at home by 2 or 3 playing WoW(world of warcraft) and didnt get his daughter till later, OMG!! I get so frustrated with people like him.


"AHHH Attack of the GIANT Baby!!!" So here is my son playing in his baby gym!! I brought it out becaus my friend Stephanie came over and I wanted her daughter to play in it. Well my baby decided that HE wanted to play with it instead of letting her play with it. So here is my gaint monster baby acting like he is 5months old, lol. He even pulled it out from his room when I put it back in there, lol. It was a very relaxing day for me today kind of!


So I know that this picture is Blurry but I love it!! Here we are heading out to go to BWW to hang out with JACKIE!!! I could not wait to get some wings in my system!! CJ had a yummy cheese burger at BWW and he almost ate the WHOLE darn thing. there was like a sliver of hamburger left, lol. He LOVED dipping his fries into my ranch lol. it was so nice to get out of the house and just have some girl time and talk about whatever. Well I had CJ so it was a normal everyday out type of thing when I do go out lol. I think next time we go out we are leaving CJ with his daddy lol since he will be back by then, lol.


So today I was not feeling to good. I was cramping and having a bad headache. CJ has an eye tooth coming is so he is not doing to hot! I went to Michaels thinking it was the 1st to get my sister some yarn for her bday gift i am making. WELL I was like why are things not on sale then I realized that it wasnt the 1st!! LOL bad bad me lol. Anyways I tried to do some scrapping but CJ was not being helpful with that at all. I got two cards done and that was it!! Here is the card that I sumbitted to Dee card challenge. It came out sooo cute!! I had to put it in there last minute! It was the only day that I got to scrap!! OH and I won the prize, pretty crazy huh?

SuperBowl Sunday!! I cleaned my house, well downstairs that is!! I was EXHAUSTED after I was done. I am doing my "nesting" and preparing for my hubby's return on FRIDAY!! YAY!! I found these daggers (toys) for my son that we used for halloween 2yrs ago. He likes to sword fight with me!! That is something new that he started doing and I think its cute!! So here he is playing with his swords!!

Ok I got it completed i am updated. i will get pictures up today of my picture of the day. Have a super feb!!!

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