Friday, February 13, 2009

6 Feb - 13Feb

So I have come to figure out that I can do my daily picture taking but I just dont have the energy to blog it. I dont know how some people do it with Two kids or more but I sure do give you all props for it!!

So here are my pictures:

6 Feb:

This was a very special day for CJ and I!! Chuck was FINALLY coming back home to us!!! He got in at 4:10pm and once we got him we went to go eat at Texas Roadhouse!! Some super yummy food. CJ did very well with Chuck being back home. Even though the picture doesnt look like he wanted to be with his dad, he just really wanted to be running around outside!! I swear that day was a VERY long day to wait for Chuck to get home. I got ready and who knows what time and CJ took a really long nap. So we were, well I was, Super excited when it was time to go pick up my hunny. It was a GREAT Day for me!!


Saturday was a family day. We didnt do to much but our day sure did go by fast. We all slept in SURPSINGLY! We took CJ to the park and we all had a blast!! CJ was LOVING going down the slides. Of COurse Chuck was showing him how to go down face first lol. He also ate a mouth full of rocks too!! Here is CJ in his sweet Shopping cart getting some groceries!!


Well Sunday was a relax day. Didnt do much but play outside in the back yard. Here is your little Colts fan right here with his Tarheels bball!! Thats all we did was just chill in the house and went outside. Nothing to exciting or interesting really.


I'm really not to sure what we did monday. I know I have been reading TONS!!! I got this Valentine Day card from one of the ladies in my Cafemom Group. It is pretty cute. Other then getting this, which was exciting to recieve, I just watched the Little Girl. Nothing to exciting at all!!


This is what happens when I get bored!!! So CJ and I went to the mall and hung out. I didnt have to watch the little girl that day which was awesome because I really needed to get out of the house! There was a BUNCH of ladies that met up and it was nice being able to chit chat and what not. It was so funny because there was a TON of strollers there and CJ was the ONLY boy!! So here I am after the mall. OH ya we got home and had NO internet or Cable!! OMG I was going CRAZY!!! So we went to the movies and saw "hes just not that into you" very cute movie. CJ did as good as any 17month old can be in the theather. It was nice having more family time!!


This is that man that I love!!! He is my other half and he seriously makes me whole!! I dont know what I ever did without him in my life!! He means the world to me and without him I feel lost. I am so glad that we both found eachother. We are so happy that its unbelievable!! Oh and he gave me the best and cutest child ever!! This man, Chuck, means the world to me. I love him!!


So here is my little Turkey Monster!! Yes my son is wearing a BAsket on his HEad and Sticking his tongue out. He that he was the funniest thing alive, lol. Even though I was watching the little girl it felt like it was just CJ and I. The little girl attacked CJ for his pop tart she had two fists full of pop tart and she attacked him for his cookie later that day. Now she is only 10months old and her parents have not told me what she can have as in solids so she got pretty pissy when I took the food out of her hands, lol. But the day was just really relaxed. The kids just played and had some fun.

So Chuck got home early from work today. I was extremely surprised by that! I got to do a little crafting done. That was REALLY nice!!! I havent been able to get in my scraproom since who knows when. I sure do miss scrapping and making this. But I did his mail box for his vday gift and I altered this wood heart piece. I think they came out good.

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Callie said...

Shoot girl... I haven't done my 365 blog in like a month. I'm seriously behind. I don't know how the other ladies get it done either!
I love the picture of CJ in the shopping cart and that mailbox you altered is FABULOUS!
Thanks for sharing hun! And Happy Valentine's Day!!