Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well look at this I remembered to update my blog lol! I am so proud of myself for not waiting forever to update this. So here we goooooo.............

Well I updated my blog. There wasn't much to my day. Just chilling, working on Sonia's scarf and cleaning a little bit. When Chuck came home CJ was all about daddy. It was so cute! I had to take a picture for Chuck in uniform for his work and CJ wanted to stand next to daddy in the picture. This picture Chuck was sitting on the wall on the floor talking to me and CJ had to be just like daddy and went to go sit next to him. Its so cute seeing the two of them together and playing I love it!
Along with sitting today I worked on my sisters scarf, lol. I am so late to getting these done and out. Their birthday was in JANUARY. Oh and get this? My other sisters bday is Mar 7th! AHHHHHHHH!! I know she is going to want me to make her something too, lol. Got to get on the ball lol. I just worked my little heart out on this scarf. I love it because its so soft and Pretty. I dont want to even send it to her. But I gotta give it to her or she might come and beat my butt, lol jk! Of course I did a few loads of laundry, yay me, lol. I hate doing laundry, its the worst thing ever invented!!
Once again I was working on the scarf, lol. Trust me I worked on it ALL week!! It was my mission to get that dang thing done!! Here we are. CJ found my braids and was messing with them! He was taking the tails and smelling them, good thing my hair was washed lol. It was tickling his nose and he would laugh so hard. He would do it to me and then do it to himself. He was have a ball!! We did this for about 15min then he started pulling my braids, lol, brat! It was a good relaxing day. Just did more laundry because it doesnt ever seem like it will ever get finished!!
27 Feb:
I didnt have to watch Danielle, it was my day off. So I had nothing going on and I was slacking on major deep cleaning for the house. I decided to get my lazy butt off the couch and clean. To my amazement I was enjoying myself, lol. I got all of downstairs cleaned and it looked so PRETTY. I was very very pleased with myself. So I ran upstairs to put some stuff away and I heard CJ giggling. I grabbed my camera and this is what I saw. I really didnt know what to say my reaction was. I was in shock lol. All I did was laugh take this quick picture and got him down. I wasnt made at him or anything like that, I just thought the site was so funny to see. It brighten up my day. I paid the bills and was so sad after, the times are just so hard for everyone and it sucks! Chuck got home early and we chilled for a bit. CJ and I left daddy to go and get out of the house. I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby to get a few things. It was AWESOME getting out of the house. It was so refreshing. Chuck has had my car all week so I was kind of trapped, lol. I was going to scrap after I came back from shopping but hubby wanted me to play WoW and of course when it comes to him Im a sucker lol so thats what I did instead.
Today was all about me. I did absolutely nothing. I must say I enjoyed it so very much. All I did was do some scrapbooking. It took me awhile to get my mojo going but I got there. I have been in a crafty slump for awhile and I needed to kick that in the butt! So I did a few things in my scrap room. Here is CJ passed out on me. My poor baby woke up at 6:30!! What in the world was he thinking? He didnt even go back to sleep!! It was a long day for me. It feels like 10pm instead of it being 8pm lol. It was nice having time to do what I wanted to do!

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