Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas is just a hop, skip, and jump

I don't know where the time has gone! I will say that it sure has flown by so quickly. Like I blinked my eye and BAM its 6 days til Christmas! This time of year is generally hard for me with being so far from my family. I have gotten better over the years but it's still hard no matter how many years its been. The last Holidays that I spent with my family was in 2004 I believe. It was the Christmas right when I got back from my deployment. So its been 6 years away from my family during the Holidays. I have been home to visit around the holiday but never on the day. One year we will all be there to spend the holiday with them.

Let's reflect back on 2010.....January we moved out here to VA. I was very nervous and scared all at the same time. I had to keep saying "you make the best out of what you get" in my mind many times. I have never been one to make friends quickly because I am shy or for some reason people find me intimidating. We had found out we were pregnant with baby number 2 and the morning sickness was starting to kick my butt. I didn't know any body and I could tell that CJ was just getting restless of not being able to do anything with other kids. So when the weather warmed up a bit we would go out in the little back yard area and play. He made friends with the neighbor kid right behind us, how I wish I could so easily make friends like kids can do. Anyways I tried to talk to the kids mom and be friend. For some reason unknown to me it just didn't work. She didn't seem like she even wanted to talk to me, like I had a third eye on my forehead or something.

Time went on and of course I got bigger. I finally got tired of not know how to get around here. I love google maps, lol. CJ and I went to a park and low and behold I met a lovely lady named, Paula. Her kids were so nice and so was she. We started talking and what not, great lady. Of course with my luck and meeting awesome people I found out she was pcsing in like 6wks or so. Then I met another lady and we met once in awhile she live clear across the other side of the Hampton tunnel. Then we just lost contact with each other. Cafemom has been a savior for me when it comes to meeting people. I had a lovely lady, Wendy, create a new group out here as she was moving and wanted to meet new moms in the area. The group is awesome and I have meet some lovely ladies and I am so ever grateful that she made the group and it became active. CJ loves all his new friends as so do I. Great woman and kids! Everyone I have met out here I adore! They are all the greatest.

Some where along the lines I decided to be brave and open up an online shop. I did and I am very excited and proud of it! It is my baby just like my boys. It is still new and ya I haven't gotten tons of business but I have gotten some! I just need to get my name out there and find the people who love handmade and will buy handmade and understand all the work that goes into it. I cant wait for the new year to come, I have great plans for the shop. I have gotten discourage but I know it will get better with time, I just need to stick with it and believe in it.

We added our lovely addition to our family, our second son! I just can not tell you how much I love that little boy. I never knew my heart could grow so much bigger and some much love is filled in it. At first trying to deal with 2 kids was hard, now I think I have the hang of it. My life is good and I love where I am now. I couldn't imagine it any other way. I am so honestly thankful and grateful that my husband and I took the chance of being together. We have a wonderful family. I just cant put into words how much I love my family! I just want to squeeze them all with so much love! It could be that I love to just see the two little boys that my husband and I created. Knowing that they have family who love them just as much as we do and would do anything and everything for them.

Oh yes and my mom got to come visit the East Coast for the first time. She came here to help with my Jamison and CJ. It was the best week ever and I didn't want her to leave. When she left it made me realise how much I really do miss my family. It saddens me because they don't get the chance to watch my boys grow up because we are military and are always moving every 3 yrs or so. I take as much pictures as I can for them so they watch them grow up through photos. CJ knows who his Tia's are and his Uncle and he remembers things for our visits that I wouldn't think he would remember. I just wish we were so much closer. We got to take my mom out to DC as well. She had a great time and so did we.

We sold our house which is a great relief. So many things have happened this year for us and maybe that is why it has flown by. I cant wait for the new year to start. I have so much planned with the shop and family. I plan on helping CJ out with stuff to get him ready for school, we are going out to WA at the end of June for my sister and nieces birthday party, and getting things for the shop.

To those who are moaning and groaning about going to families this holiday please be happy and grateful that you are close to them. There are some Military and Civilian families that are far from their families and would love to be there to spend the holidays and make new memories with them. I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading this!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I am no longer pregnant...WOOHOO!! Which means that I now have TWO kids, which I am STILL trying to get use too! I can't believe I am a mother to two little boys. They are my world and I love them so very much! My sleeping schedule is all wacked because of JJ but I still need to be up and mobile for CJ. So I'll tell you the story of the day we went in to have baby JJ.

Morning of Sept 21st 2010 the hubs and I wake up at 5am to get ready. We leave the house at around 5:30am and get to the hospital like 15min before 6am. We check in and let them know that we are there for our scheduled C-section. They have us wait in the waiting room, which at that time was alright. At about 7am they call me to the back to check on my vitals and on the baby. Everything was good. I asked the nurse when I was going to be called back and they told me in about an hour, which would make it 8am. So I go back out to the waiting room. Time comes and goes and still I have not been called back. I am so uncomfortable from sitting in the uncomfortable chairs and of course tired! I am getting pissed and so is the hubs. We keep asking when we are getting to the back and I keep getting the same damn answer, in an hour. Finally hubby had it and gave them an ear full. FINALLY at 10:30 we get called back. Mind you I have had nothing to eat since dinner the night before.

I couldn't believe how long it took them to get me back there! I was just so upset and tired all I wanted to do was cry! I was so happy when they called me back. I was more relieved because I could FINALLY be comfortable. I was very anxious to have the baby and was upset for having to wait. I get all hooked up to the machines and the IV is in with fluids going. The baby monitor is on me and I can hear the baby as well as see when I am having a contraction. We have the Dr come in, the anesthesiologist, and the head nurse come in for me to sign paperwork. Here I am all happy and waiting to go back to the OR.
So we head back to the OR at who knows what time. I didn't check the clock to be honest I was just excited to get it over and done with so I could eat some food and meet my baby! They take me to the OR and Hubs has to stay back for a moment. They will get him after I am all prepped. So I am in the OR I get my spinal done and OMG that works so quickly! I am numb from nipples down and I cant feel anything but just pressure. I am starting to get a little anxiety because my hubs isn't there yet. Before I went back I had to take this drink for heartburn and OMG it tasted so gross. Well with that being the only thing in my stomach and me starting to have anxiety and starting to feel like I am going to pass out I end up throwing up. It was so nasty. After it was all out of my system I felt 100 times better. They finally bring in my husband and I was so relieved to see him. By the time he came in they were already cutting me and getting to the baby. I was talking and laughing while I was laying on the table it was a great time. Then I hear my baby boy cry! I was super excited. Hubs went over to the side where they were cleaning him up and checked him out.

Here is our sons first picture! He weighted 8lbs2oz and 21inches long! My biggest baby! I was VERY surprised that he was an 8lber! So they got JJ all cleaned up and did their quick checks and everything. Then I got to see him for the first time.

I was speechless when I saw my baby for the first time. I didn't know what to say at all. He is so precious to me! It was instant love, love at first site, well more like love at first kick, lol. I finally knew why he was kicking me so much. He was getting to long for my belly, lol. I didn't get to hold him long because he had to go to the NICU to get evaluated and monitored. I was wheeled away to the recovery area! All the people working on my in the OR were amazing and so sweet! They made me feel so comfortable and confident in them! Here I am in the recovery waiting.

After I get out of the recovery I go to my room and they bring in my baby boy. I finally get to hold him and feed him. Yes, of course I was in pain but SOO worth it! To see my baby boy I would go through it all again, with both of my boys! My in-laws came to see the baby of course! They fell in love with him. CJ really didn't know what to think about his baby brother. He did however at one point tell me to put JJ back in my belly, lol. He is so head over heels in love with his baby brother now.

My experience at first at this hospital was not good at all. I was so upset at how they handled things. Once I got in the back everything was better! I was a little scared to go have JJ at this hospital because I had heard so many bad things about it. I will say that I had a great experience and all the nurses and staff where amazing. If you treat them well they will treat you well. I learned that from when I worked in L&D out in TX. They were very good to me.

I also want to say Thank You to my mother in law for coming and watching CJ while I was in the hospital. Thank you to my Mom for coming out as well and being a part of seeing her new grandson so fresh and small and helping me out.

I am sorry this is so long but I thought you all would like to hear my story.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Time has come!

Well the time is FINALLY here. Tomorrow morning we go in at 6:30 to have our little boy. I SOOO cant wait to get him out and finally meet him. It is just so amazing how our bodies can transform and hold a little human being! We are so excited to meet him. I think our other son knows that his baby brother is coming but not to sure if he really understands. So just wanted to let you all know that our baby will be here tomorrow. I know this is like the shortest blog but I am super excited and dont know what else to write.
Here is a picture of me at 38wks
Next post will be pictures of our new son! Ill do my best to get back on here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


HAHA look its me again. Can you believe that I am posting a second day in a row? That is so unheard of from me! LOL. SO what was your day? What did ya do? Anything Exciting? Eh nothing here sent out a package to my friend, got some lunch, and then came home to tackle a large about of laundry that needed to be folded. I am done for the night with folding but I have 3 new loads that need to be folded here in the next day or so!

All of Jamisons clothes are clean and put up! I so do not Miss folding infant clothes. There are so many. I cant believe CJ had a crap ton! It just baffles me! Oh and OMG the bibs! He has a TON as well! One to many to tell you the truth!

Well I just wanted to drop in and say hello! Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo and friday is when we schedule our C-section! I cant wait! Woot Woot! I am excited to know when my baby boy will be welcomed into this world! Can you believe Augsut is almost over? Where the heck did the time go?

Well I just wanted to tell you all to check out this blog there is a giveaway going on. So if you like to win some free stuff stop by and check it out! I will update information about when my C-section is when we find out! This week is seeming to go by so super slow!

Oh just wanted to share a picture of my crazy boy CJ!
He's ready for the Fall are you?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, Monday!

So I am glad that the weekend is over with! It was very busy! Friday CJ and I went to my ultrasound to see baby JJ! CJ was so excited to see his baby brother. He did very well with it just being him and I at the dr appt. My Husband was flying in from his work trip and didnt make it to the appt on time. The baby was weighting in at like almost 6lbs! I couldnt believe it! OMG he is going to be SOOOO big! I was 34wks on friday and ya not looking forward to seeing how big he is going to be when he is born. I will say that my baby has the cutest chunky cheeks ever! I cant wait to meet him. This mama is tried of holding him in my belly!
Here is my chunky monkey boy! Isnt he adorable?!?! I cant believe how define you can see him in the picture! I already love this boy so much, even though he likes to beat me up! Hes my little boy and CJ loves him too. I can tell that CJ is going to be a great big brother!

After the appointment we waited for my hubs to get home before we headed out to NC for CJs 3rd bday party. We had his party at Chick-fil-a with his friends on Saturday. It was fun I must say! He got spoiled and NO I dont have any pictures with me. They are on my mother in laws camera and I am going to have to wait to see the pictures. I was happy when the party was over. Boy oh boy did those boys wear me out even though all I did was sit there LOL. We left Saturday after the party back to VA because my in laws needed to come out here and needed a place so we came back! Chuck and I started moving the baby stuff into CJs room and we got a few things done.

Sunday we got the crib set up and I got to wash the little baby clothes! I cant believe how many clothes CJ had! Its a crap ton! So the clothes are washed I just need to fold them about put them away. I cant wait for my monkey boy to get here! He is killing me!

Today we had CJs 3yr wellness check up. He did really well. We are getting him reevaluated for speech to see where he is at. I hope he doesnt have to take it but if he does he does. I did some cleaning nothing to big, lol. Then I sat down and crocheted some. I also got some sewing done! As a matter of fact I need to finish up what I started with my sewing! So I will end this and hope you all had a great weekend!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Emotional Overload

I don't know what it is about today but my emotions are just a huge roller coaster. I woke up just fine and dandy this morning. We went to Wal-Mart and got a couple things for dinner and on the way home I was just irritable! I don't know why I was irritable but I just was. When we got home I was still in the mood and then it changed to me wanting to ball my eye out. I am all over the place today and I hate it. I cant control it at all.
So I jumped in the shower to try and cool off a bit and think, get a clear head as to why I like this. I think my consensus is because 1. I am 32wks pregnant to my hormones are all over the place; 2. my 3yr old is mommy whats this whats that?; and 3. I am not near my family and friends. Yes I am a military wife and I should be use to being away from my family. I have been a military spouse since I was 19yrs old and left home when I was 21yrs old. So I haven't been around my family in years. I have my in laws that are three hours away from us but its just NOT the same. I want MY family that close to us. The closest that I have been to my family since I moved out of state in 2005 was TX. TX was still a long ways away from them all the way in WA but it was the closest. I miss them and its going to be another nephew/grandson that they are not going to be around to watch grow up.
I just think everything is just hitting me all at once today. Im due at the middle to end of next month and I just feel everything piling up and so forth. I know that if I was back home in WA my family would be there all the time to help me with whatever. Yes this life was chosen for me, to be a military wife, I wouldn't have it any other way, but you would think it would get easier, right? Ya not so much, you still miss your family. My mom will be coming out when the baby is due and will be here for a week. If it was up to me I'd have her stay for a MONTH! Of course she cant because she has to go to work and has my sisters back home as well to take care of.
Just thought I'd get this off of my chest since its just putting a HUGE damper on my day. Oh ya and I also miss my friends out in TX to so very much. I know that they would be there for me if I was still there. They do try their best to be through the Internet but its not the same as being around them and calling them to tell them to come hang out with me and CJ. I guess I am more of the poor little Ole me stage right now, lol.
Oh ya here is my 32wk picture that I promised.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me and my Tardiness

Yup I know I am BAD at this blogging. To much going on or I get so side tracked it unbelievable lol. Tisk, tisk to me, lol. Let me get all caught up. Of course its going to be ANOTHER long post. Sorry to my few readers that these are so long. So here goes the catch up. Ill try not to make it super long but ya we know how that goes! LOL.

July 20th I had my ultrasound to check up on the baby. He is doing well. Weighting in at 3lbs 14oz! Big boy for him only being 30wks lol. The bowel area is no longer a concern for the doctors now, BUT they see another concern. If its not one thing then its another, right? The Dr said that he had to much fluid in his kidneys for his gestational age. So we go back on the 20th of August to see if the fluid has gotten worse or stayed the same. I am not to sure what will happen if its more. I guess they said that we will have to take him to the urologist to get him checked when he is born if the situation doesn't fix itself. We shall see.
And there I am at 30wks along. I cant wait for this pregnancy to be over. I am tired of being tired and not having energy to not do anything.

My husband was in Vegas from the 23rd Jul- 2Aug so CJ and I went to my mother in laws on the 22nd to spend the week with her. She had so much planned that by the time we left I was SOOOO ready to be back home to rest. We went to Kinston, NC to the planetarium and science museum which was awesome and it was FREE so it was even better. CJ had fun and we went with my mother in law friend and her two grand babies. They all had a blast there. The saw some animals and learn some things.

And there are some pictures from the adventure that we had at Kinston. It was fun and hot but they enjoyed themselves and where so tired by the time we left. They say a rattle snake, chinchilla, fox, breaded dragon lizard or something like that, tarantula and so water animals.
We did a ton of things and of course I was lazy and didn't take many pictures lol. My mother in law had a baby shower for me and that was so much fun! There were pictures taken but I don't have them, lol. I left my camera at the house and I forgot to bring my external hard drive to save the pictures that my mother in law took. I am sure I will get the pictures when I go back there. We got a ton of cute things for baby JJ and I am so thankful for the baby shower they held for me which they didn't need to do at all. It was a great time!

I had my appt with my ob on the 30th of July and found out that when I go in on the 27th of August that we will schedule the date of my C-section. I am very excited about that and scared at the same time. CJ got to hear his baby bothers heart beat and he things that is just so cool. He also named his baby in his belly. His baby name is Thomas, lol, crazy kid! I hope time flies, it seems to be because I feel so overwhelmed.

We found out that our renters want to purchase our house so we are going through that process and hopefully we can get that situation out of our hands because that would just be SOOO very awesome! My mom had her surgery and she is doing well with her recovery process, thank the lord. Everything seems to be going good and smoothly.

CJ turns 3 on the 21st and I cant believe it. He is growing up way to fast! We are having him to parties, blah. One over in NC with his grandparents and one here with his new friends! He loves hanging out with his new friends. Oh ya found out that Chuck is going to be leaving for ANOTHER conference here in the VERY near future and I am so not happy about it. He JUST got back from being away in Vegas. I guess Id be able to handle it better if I wasn't so darn hormonal.

CJ was so happy to see his dad when he got home and he hasn't left his side which is GOOD for ME, lol. I need the break lol. CJ takes so much energy away from me, lol. He seems to be having a GOOD break through with his potty training I hope he keeps it up. So far we have had TWO days of NO accidents at all. We are now on day three and I hope today is good for him and us. I really want to take him to get a big prize for doing so well with his potty training!

Well I will end this boring long blog, lol. Ill come back and update with my 32wk belly picture that I haven't taken yet. I hope your week is going well!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Its Been a while

So its been awhile since the last time I updated my blog. Time sure does fly by quickly! I am currently 29 weeks well more like towards the end of 29 weeks. Jamison is moving around more and more now-a-days which is pretty neat and kind of annoying all at the same time, lol.

CJ is still working on his potty training. I am not to sure how to get him to understand that he only gets a reward if he doesnt potty in his pull-up. He is just not understanding that to well. Other then that he is doing good he has his terrible 3 moments and I hope it doesnt get bad. Some days he is the sweetest little thing ever and other times you just dont want to deal with him lol. I will say though that he loves his both sets his grandparents, his cousins, uncles and aunts. He is ALWAYS talking about them. He even wakes up in the morning tell me that his gramma is at work lol. Oh ya and he also tells me that baby JJ is in the car as well lol.

Well lets see I did my gluclose test and I guess I did well because I havent gotten a call from them. At that time when i went in for my appointment I only gained 1.5lbs which was awesome. I am sure that I weight more but that comes with brewing a little monster in my belly, right? LOL. We all cant be skinny during the whole 9 months of pregnancy lol boy do we wish we could be at times lol. We have an appointment next week to check up on Jamison to make sure nothing shows up again. I cant wait to see my little bugger and see how big hes getting. The Dr and the nurse are just going to have to deal with CJ being in there with us. Not our fault that their drop in child care is full on that day in CJs age group. Itll give CJ a chance to see his baby brother.

Ah we have become after on a group on Cafemom and we have gone to the two playdates that they have had. Its a great group of ladies and I am pretty happy about it. CJ loves to play with the kids and us moms have great conversation which is a plus! CJ gets excited when we go to the play dates he thinks we are going to a play kids which is where his grandma takes him out in NC. He does really well when its time to leave. I dont have to deal with him crying and screaming he gets in his play time and is good to go! I wish our place was bigger because I would love to have them all over so we could just chill out relax, chat and let the kids play! This is kind of the time where I miss having my huge house!

Here are pictures of me at the different stages of the pregnancy. Yes I am getting bigger and I can see it!
26/27 weeks

28 weeks.

I will do my best to keep this more update. I have just been relaxing and chilling out. I have also been crocheting my little heart out! I am hoping to get my shop up and going here in the next few days! I need to get motivated!! Thanks for stopping by and keeping up to date!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

24wk Update

Well Friday we went to our fetal echogenic appointment to make sure nothing was wrong with baby Jamison. It was a long week waiting for Friday to come. My appointment was at 8:15am and I had to get up super early to make sure I had enough time to get through the tunnel, find a parking spot, and get to my appointment. We got to see out little Jamison in the ultrasound. He is soo cute all squished in my belly lol. The Dr. said that he didnt see anything that would be of concern. So as for right now we know that he doesnt have Downs Syndrome or anything else that is associated with bright whites spots in the bowel. We are going back in 6wks to make sure that he is doing well. He is growing well and he weights about 1lb and some change, he is in the 50% for his growth and weight which is good. He has a strong heart beat and was just chilling in my belly. He is such a cutie pie. He is so far very calm and doesnt move to much. I think he knows what kind of crazy family he is coming into. He was however moving a bit more this last few weeks when his big brother was away at his grandparents. it was nice and quiet.

Well here I am at 24wks, not that much of a difference with growth really lol. I really wont blow up til towards the end of the pregnancy. So far this pregnancy is going the same as CJs with the weight gain and showing. I did however start showing a little bit earlier with this one then I did with CJ but I think its because its my second pregnancy. I'm not complaining atleast I look pregnant and not fat like I was about a month ago, lol.
Not much has been going on of course. CJ came home lastnight from his grandparents but we will be heading back there tomorrow for the week. Hubby will be out doing work crap and I dont wanna be here by myself. CJ just talks and talk and talks, OMG its like Child do you ever hush up? LOL he doesnt, he only stops when he is sleeping and thats IF he isnt talking in his sleep, lol.

I joined a new group on Cafemom to meet moms and other kids for CJ and I. I really do hope to make friends out here. I am soo tired of not knowing anyone and not having friends. Its driving me bonkers. I swear I must sound desperate to some of these moms lol. I miss my friends back in TX. I just hope I can make some really good friends out here. I am keeping my fingers crossed, lol.

Well I am down blogging, I have nothing left to update. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update, Update, Update

So I said that I would come back and update my blog. Well here I am!! LOL. Lets see what has happened? Hmmm...a ton has gone on. Well we will start from Monday May 17th lol. Well we found out what we are having and guess what it is......? A boy lol of course you all know by now lol. It took a long time to figure out his name but I think we decided on Jamison Jackson. My husband and I really like both of those names.

CJ and I headed out to WA on the 18th of May but on the 17th I got a call from my OB telling me that they were concerned about something they saw on the ultrasound pictures. They found bright white spots in the baby's bowel area and that is generally associated with Cystic Fibrosis and Down syndrome. Well my test for Cystic Fibrosis came back negative and I didnt take the triquad screening so I think that is why they need to me to get a consultation with the Fetal Echogenic Medicine people. I freaked out a bit and then I googled what else can cause it. Found out that the baby could of ingested aminotic fluid that had blood in it and I hope and pray that that is the case. We have an appt on June 11th to see what is going on with the baby and what not. So please still keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

So CJ and I headed out to WA and we had a blast out there. He played and played with his cousins and just enjoyed himself to the fullest. He didnt want to leave at all to be honest. When we were flying back home he kept saying he wanted to go back into his grandmas car and to her house. He didnt understand that we live far away so we could only stay for a little bit. I think he kind of got the idea when he saw his daddy at the airport. He was so excited to see him and told him about everything that he could think of. The weather out there of course SUCKED like always lol. I always seem to go on the weeks its raining lol. Its all good we still had a blast!
Me and my older sister
Me and my Mom
CJ and his Cousin

So once we got back we had to adjust to the 3hr time change and OMG that sucked so bad!! It took me about a day and a half to feel recovered lol. I had my 22wk check up the day after we got in. I was SOOOO tired to say the least. I FINALLY gained some weight and of course I dont like the weight number but I know that its good for the baby and I need it lol. The baby's heartbeat is a strong 151 which is great. I really didnt have any questions for the midwife so the appointment was in and out. The next time I go in to see them I have my Glucose test, gross and super yuck!! LOL. But the baby sound great and right now I swear he is kicking my in my rear lol and its so not cool.

So Thursdays was my husband soft ball game and so we went but CJ passed out on the way and I wanted to still see him play but let our son nap so we parked close to the field. WELL ya it was a bad day. The softball hit our window and shattered it. It wasnt even hit by the bat!! They were practicing pop flies....come on near cars are you that dumb?!?!?! Apparently they were that day! The guys that hit the window felt horrible about it. But hey it happens right? LOL. So it is now wednesday and the windshield people are SUPPOSE to be here today to fix it. So far NOTHING!! Blah!! I hate not having a car.

So this past weekend was Memorial Day weekend! I hope you all had a blast! I know I did I am super exhausted from the weekend! Saturday we went out to Richmond, VA and went to the outlet!! CJ got his first real pair of Crocs!! He loves them I couldnt pass up crocs for $9.99 lol. I also got my FIRST pair of Oakley Sunglasses!! I love the so much they are super CUTE!!! See them ~~~>> they are pink on the inside they are Breast Cancer awareness glasses so I couldnt pass them up!! So after shopping and traveling we checked into our Hotel and slept. Sunday we got up early to Meet up with the In-laws, ate some Bob Evans, super yummy food and then headed out to Kings Diminion for the day!! We had so much fun. My husband and his dad went on a ton of rides and CJ and his grandma went on a ton too. He had sooo much fun!! It was SUPER hot!! I started to get cranky cause I was hot and tired! But I got in some AC cooled off and relaxed and was much better! My baby was TIRED he like napped for two hours!! Then when he got up he was ready to go again!! Here are some pictures from Kings... took to many of course lol. CJ had a blast and so did my husband. My in laws took CJ home with them. The drive back home was very LONG and boring and tiring!! Monday we had some friends over for a cook out and that was so much fun.
Now today its just me by myself its weird not having my little bugger with me lol. I dont know what to do with myself to say the least, lol. I am relaxing and sleeping in. I called to see how CJ was and he is doing great!! Well I will end this very LONG blog entering. thanks for staying this long to read it. Happy June!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Check this out

Check out this blog for super cute crochet items. Nice work done

Check back for more updates. Ill be back to blog about whats been going on with me and the baby.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cj on his School Bus lol the public transportation he loved it!

Our Weekend!

So how was everyones weekend? Our weekend was really great! We had our Nascar Race to go to on Saturday over in Richmond, VA. It was SOOO much fun. This was mine and my sons first time going. He LOVES watching the races and he is only 2 1/2yrs old, he even has a favorite driver. Can you guess who it is? Its Kyle Busch the M & M car of course #18 lol! He LOVES that car!! Thats who he was rooting for when we went. My Inlaws and brother in Law came with us to the Race. I had a blast even though it was super loud. It took us forever to get there as well just because of all the traffic! We got home at like 3am, lol. Kyle Busch won and my son was SUPER excited about it! Here are some pictures of us at the race.

I am not going to add a lot of pictures because I took about 200 pictures at the race, lol. It was super hot but the good thing about it all was that it was a night race so it seriously cooled down later on. CJ did end up passing out but only for about an hour and then was up and enjoying his race cars. We saw a few spin outs but that was about it, lol. We really wanted to see a HUGE crash but ya that didnt happen at all lol.

Sunday my husband had planned to have some of his friends over to watch Avatar but no one showed up! This is like the 2nd or 3rd time it has happened, lol. Go figure huh? Oh well! My mother in law helped me clean up the house which was AWESOME!! I just dont seem to get the energy to clean it all up but just the front main rooms. I have a few things to clean but nothing to big that I cant handle on my own. So after the inlaws left Chuck and I relax. We had an easy dinner, Frito pie, yummy! We watched Avatar and I love that movie it was really really good! Chuck said something about people wanting to commit suicide after watching that movie. Stupid if you ask me lol.

Well we go in NEXT Monday to find out what we are having. I SOOO can not wait to find out what it is! So I am hoping that our week goes by quickly. Tomorrow is our 3yr anniversary and this weekend is Mothers day. So I will be assuming that it goes by quickly. Oh ya I am 19wks pregnant today. Yay! Cant wait! Here is a picture of me at 18 wks along. I am getting bigger and I am feeling my stomach stretch and its just so weird lol. Oh ya I got a heat rash on my belly yesterday it was weird and super itchy.

Well that is it for now! I hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Crazy Life

Yes it's been SEVERAL months since I have added ANYTHING to my blog. Forgive me for being so lazy and busy. Well I'll do my best to catch you up on whats been happening. We finally moved to our apartment out in Chesapeake and its a different experience then living in your own house, it'll take some time to get use to it. We found out that we are pregnant with baby #2 and we are pretty excited. For the first couple of months I was so ill I couldnt do much of anything let alone get on the computer without getting sick. I am now past all the nausea and if it does decide to come back I have some medicine that will help me out. Other then that I have been doing my best to take care of the house and our son. Son days are more challenging then others just due to the sheer fact that I am always exhausted.

We have been going down to our inlaws about once a month which is really nice. I wish my family lived closer to us or I closer to them because I would love to visit them all the time. CJ is growing up so fast. He his potty training on his time and its going good so far. We have our moments of terrible twos with him but for the most part he is good and is 100% boy all around! I am not to sure if he understands that theres a baby in my belly. He did however hear the baby's heartbeat and thought that was so awesome and he will talk about it now and then.

I am working hard at opening an online store here soon. I have been making things to put in the shop. I am pretty excited and scared all together. I hope I can sell some items because that would just be awesome!! We shall see how that goes.

Well here are pictures of the pregnancy so far! Oh ya we get to find out what we are having on May 10th. I am really excited and I cant wait!!

12 Wk ultra sound and 14wks

15wks and 16wks