Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas is just a hop, skip, and jump

I don't know where the time has gone! I will say that it sure has flown by so quickly. Like I blinked my eye and BAM its 6 days til Christmas! This time of year is generally hard for me with being so far from my family. I have gotten better over the years but it's still hard no matter how many years its been. The last Holidays that I spent with my family was in 2004 I believe. It was the Christmas right when I got back from my deployment. So its been 6 years away from my family during the Holidays. I have been home to visit around the holiday but never on the day. One year we will all be there to spend the holiday with them.

Let's reflect back on 2010.....January we moved out here to VA. I was very nervous and scared all at the same time. I had to keep saying "you make the best out of what you get" in my mind many times. I have never been one to make friends quickly because I am shy or for some reason people find me intimidating. We had found out we were pregnant with baby number 2 and the morning sickness was starting to kick my butt. I didn't know any body and I could tell that CJ was just getting restless of not being able to do anything with other kids. So when the weather warmed up a bit we would go out in the little back yard area and play. He made friends with the neighbor kid right behind us, how I wish I could so easily make friends like kids can do. Anyways I tried to talk to the kids mom and be friend. For some reason unknown to me it just didn't work. She didn't seem like she even wanted to talk to me, like I had a third eye on my forehead or something.

Time went on and of course I got bigger. I finally got tired of not know how to get around here. I love google maps, lol. CJ and I went to a park and low and behold I met a lovely lady named, Paula. Her kids were so nice and so was she. We started talking and what not, great lady. Of course with my luck and meeting awesome people I found out she was pcsing in like 6wks or so. Then I met another lady and we met once in awhile she live clear across the other side of the Hampton tunnel. Then we just lost contact with each other. Cafemom has been a savior for me when it comes to meeting people. I had a lovely lady, Wendy, create a new group out here as she was moving and wanted to meet new moms in the area. The group is awesome and I have meet some lovely ladies and I am so ever grateful that she made the group and it became active. CJ loves all his new friends as so do I. Great woman and kids! Everyone I have met out here I adore! They are all the greatest.

Some where along the lines I decided to be brave and open up an online shop. I did and I am very excited and proud of it! It is my baby just like my boys. It is still new and ya I haven't gotten tons of business but I have gotten some! I just need to get my name out there and find the people who love handmade and will buy handmade and understand all the work that goes into it. I cant wait for the new year to come, I have great plans for the shop. I have gotten discourage but I know it will get better with time, I just need to stick with it and believe in it.

We added our lovely addition to our family, our second son! I just can not tell you how much I love that little boy. I never knew my heart could grow so much bigger and some much love is filled in it. At first trying to deal with 2 kids was hard, now I think I have the hang of it. My life is good and I love where I am now. I couldn't imagine it any other way. I am so honestly thankful and grateful that my husband and I took the chance of being together. We have a wonderful family. I just cant put into words how much I love my family! I just want to squeeze them all with so much love! It could be that I love to just see the two little boys that my husband and I created. Knowing that they have family who love them just as much as we do and would do anything and everything for them.

Oh yes and my mom got to come visit the East Coast for the first time. She came here to help with my Jamison and CJ. It was the best week ever and I didn't want her to leave. When she left it made me realise how much I really do miss my family. It saddens me because they don't get the chance to watch my boys grow up because we are military and are always moving every 3 yrs or so. I take as much pictures as I can for them so they watch them grow up through photos. CJ knows who his Tia's are and his Uncle and he remembers things for our visits that I wouldn't think he would remember. I just wish we were so much closer. We got to take my mom out to DC as well. She had a great time and so did we.

We sold our house which is a great relief. So many things have happened this year for us and maybe that is why it has flown by. I cant wait for the new year to start. I have so much planned with the shop and family. I plan on helping CJ out with stuff to get him ready for school, we are going out to WA at the end of June for my sister and nieces birthday party, and getting things for the shop.

To those who are moaning and groaning about going to families this holiday please be happy and grateful that you are close to them. There are some Military and Civilian families that are far from their families and would love to be there to spend the holidays and make new memories with them. I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading this!

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