Thursday, February 5, 2009

2Feb - 5 Feb

2 Feb:
So this is my picture of the day!! My handsome little Feller looking super CUTE! This day was just another day nothing to exciting going on at all. We went to Wal-Mart after the Little Girls father got her. I bought some Cookies and OMG CJ loved them up. Well we both loved them and ate them, lol. I love this picture because I actually think orange looks good on him! Oh ya this was also an interesting day as well!! So drama happened and I am so glad drama is out of my life!
Feb 3:
Well my little booger is a smart one!! He will use anything and everything and climb on it. Here he is turning the light switch off and on!! Some days I feel like he is starting his terrible twos and OMG he can drive me crazy!! But that smile that you see on his face really does make it all better at times. So I thought that my day of drama was over with well.....when it rains, it pours, right? Well in my case is surely did. My Ex-Husband's Fiance had the NERVE to Stalk me and find my number. I changed my cell phone number and my ex didnt get the new number. His fiance told me that she searched the internet to get it. Anyway her reason for call me is to get me to say yes to giving them the annullment so they could get married. Any way I had to deal with her and told her to never contact me and if she did I would take it to harassment. So that was my drama for that day. Also my WONDERFUL friend Mrs. Shandiin contacted me. Man I sure do miss her. Her and I met while we were deployed and She seriously is the BEST person on this earth. We talk like it had not been years since we seen each other!

Feb 4:
As much as I love my son to death I look forward to bed time. He drives me crazy and ragged during the day and OMG some days I feel like I cant make it through the day. This is the way I love to see him, peaceful and tired!! He is everything to my husband and I! I look forward to bed time and waking up to him!! I love you CJ!
Feb 5:
My Chocolate Monster!! CJ is a chocoaholic!! This child of mine LOVES chocolate. Can you see the chocolate on his mouth? He actually helped me take this picture of him!!! I guess I should have him help me more often because it came out great!!! Also my husband will finally be home tomorrow!! So my mission for the day was to get the house sparkly clean!! YA RIGHT!! Both CJ and the Little Girl where NOT going to let that happen. I am still trying to survive the night. CJ is driving me bonkers and just being HORRIBLE today. I have no clue why he is being the biggest pest in my butt but he is!! One more day and daddy will be here to take him for a moment!! SO I hope you all are doing well!!

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