Saturday, January 24, 2009

20 Jan - 24 Jan

Yes, yes, yes  I have been slacking. My mother called me up the other day and told me that I needed to up date my blog because I have not done so since the 19th, lol. So this is for my mom and to play catch up AGAIN!!! Haha I am bad at this, BUT I am taking my pictures EVERYDAY so in a way I am doing good too!!

20 Jan:

So this day was not a so hot day for the kids. Danielle, the little girl that I watch was very cranky and whiny all morning. She wasnt feeling to good and CJ or course added to the mess. She took a nap and CJ wasnt making a nose, he wasnt taking a nap at the time. So I go searching for him with my camera in had and this is what I find. My lovely son jumped in his toy box and was playing with the toys left in there that he did not throw out yet, lol. It was wonderful because I got a few minutes to get my head straight from all the whining, lol. Once she woke up from her nap she was feeling a little bit better.
21 Jan:
Not much happened this day. Misha and Lucian came over and we talked and hung out. Once again the little girl wasnt doing to well and was whining. I made us some lunch and then made us some chocolate crinkles (Super Yummy). For dinner we had spaghetti and it came out GOOD!! So good that Misha had seconds and that is like a NEVER for her!! The picture is of CJ looking at his camera, lol. He loves seeing pictures of himself. Oh ya and CJ turned 17 MONTHS too. I cant believe how BIG he is getting. He is not a little baby any more. He is growing up to be a little boy. Awe I am so going to miss it. I guess that just means we need to have another baby, lol. So today was just a relaxing day.
That was the excitement of my day, lol. Just sat here on Cafemom and watching the kiddlings. Played with them and what not. Most of my days consists of checking on Cafemom and getting a little break in when I can. There wasnt anything to exciting going on really.
23 Jan:
Yes!! My excitement for the day!! Lesson that was learned? Always clean up your baking mess right away!! Well CJ and I went to go get something to eat downstairs. He was SUPPOSE to follow me upstairs and NEVER did. I went down to check up on him and this is what I saw!! He has POWDER SUGAR all OVER the kitchen!! OMG he was WIRED for a couple of hours. He thought it was Hilarous. I wasnt to happy about it but couldnt stop laughing about the situation. It was an easy clean up and a lesson well learned, Thanks CJ!!
24 Jan:
Today, today was a fun day. We went to the mall and met up with Misha and Lucian. We dropped off Mishas Braclet at James Avery to get her charms put on her braclet and we got our rings cleaned!! So my wedding ring is all sparkly and PRETTY!!! I got CJ some pants at Gymboree and a shirt. He is growing to fast and can no longer fit into 12mo and we are in 18-24mos but we will see how long that lasts!! The boys had a BLAST playing in the play area. It was SOOO nice to see them having fun and not really having to worry to much. Yes of course there was a ton of kids at one point but that ended as quick as it came along. CJ LOVES the slides, dont know why, but ever since his daddy taught him how to go down them its his favorite thing to do!! So he wore himself so much he slept for about maybe 2hours! I even got a nap in. It was so exhausting
~~~Yay!! I got all caught up now. I hope everyone is happy, lol. On a side note I did get some of my swaps together today AND I made a v-day card. Here is what it looks like:
I like the way it came out. What do you all think? I got the paper piercing from Dee but I am not submitting this card into her challenge I will be making another one to submit to her. Well I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!!


lizzie said...

omg dude... that card is adorable!!

Callie Michelle said...

I'm with Lizzie... I LOVE the card. The piecing is perfect!! Great work sweetie!!