Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8th

Well today was just another day for us, lol. We went to hang out with my friend Stephanie today and it was pretty fun. So I woke up late/early, if that makes sense, this morning. I went down stairs to get CJ some cereal to eat while I take a shower. I was downstairs and I heard a nose upstairs. So I grab his cereal and I go upstairs to see what is going on. This is what I come up to
He climbed into the tub and was playing with his toys. So all I did was just give him his dry cereal to eat. He had fun playing in the tub and stayed in there until I was done with my shower. Other then that today has been a great day. CJ had a good time over at Stephanies. I had a good time and we watched Twilight!!

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