Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 10th~~ Exciting!!

Well for a very uneventful day it was very exciting!! Lets see CJ woke up at 7:30am and DIDN'T go back to sleep. So I got out of bed and I laid out in the loft on the couch with him and I was dozing off and what not (I know bad). Anyways CJ tornado went through the loft, let me tell you there was paper ALL OVER the loft,lol. Good thing that was the only thing he got into. I got onto yahoo messenger and my best friend in the whole wide world was on!! So that made me SUPER happy. We taked for a very long time, its so nice to talk to my best friend!! Oh ya!! I order a Valentine's Day kit from Scrap Simple (click and thats the kit I got) and I am SUPER excited! Its my first thing like this that I have order, YAY! I am still getting excited about it, I know I am a dork, lol. CJ and I were invited to go out to dinner with my hubbys work buddy and his wife!! They asked me to watch their baby girl, like a job, of course I said yes!! So I will be having extra spending $$, YAHOO!!!

So here is CJ and I today Chilling and having some fun. Oh yes I forgot to mention that we were sword fighting with baseball bats today. It was too funny and cute. He watches my husband play his warrior to much on our game, lol.
CJ also got excited tonight because he saw his favorite show come on!!The Upside Down show on Noggin is his ALL TIME Favorite tv show!! He has not been able to watch it because it come on at 10pm and the last couple of months he has been going to bed at 9pm. So whenever he gets the chance to take a glimpse of his show he goes SUPER crazy and gets all excited!! Hope you all had a good day!!

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