Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 12th, 13th, and 14th

Well I am going to try and play catch up on my days. I know I am bad for slacking, I just have been busy and drained out these past couple days. So let me play catch up, hehe:

12th Jan
So on the 11th I didnt do much. Misha came over to scrapbook but we were not feeling the creativity so we just did what we could and sat and chatted. So this is the double layout that I did:
13th Jan:
 Well I started my first day of babysitting my husbands friends daughter. It went smoothly they did great. CJ and her got along. So it was a pretty easy day. I dressed CJ up in his Tarheels outfit and he looked OMG so freaking CUTE.
14th Jan:
 So today was day 2 of babysitting. It was a little rough today then yesterday. I got up fine without a problem, I was a littler tired but once I got moving I was up! I had a play date today with Jackie, she is super awesome, and no I did not have a play date with myself lol. But today the little girl that I watch wanted to be held all day, ya not so much my style, lol. I did what I could because CJ would get jealous and what not. So here is a picture of them playing together earlier today:
So that was a quick and easy catch up session I believe. Well I am off of here because I need to head to sleep got to get up early to watch her tomorrow again. See you all later.

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lizzie said...

omg that lo is soooo awesome dude!!!! i love it!