Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 6th ~~ Just a lazy day!!

So today was an extremely lazy day!! I mean I didnt want to do ANYTHING at all!! CJ and I didnt get up until 9:50!! Its amazing that we slept in that late!! Chuck got out of class at 10am. It was a short day for them, lol. What a punk he is for getting out early, lol. Anyways we play World of Warcraft (WoW) and he wanted to play out lowbies (low level) today. So this picture is us playing are tiny toons!!!

After spending some "quality time" with my husband I got off and decided that I needed to get dressed, lol. CJ did pretty awesome all day too!! So CJ and I got ready for the day, lol. Not much left to the day when we did get ready. We took a shower and got dressed. I was getting ready and he found my cheapo sunglasses that I got for ordering my contacts, lol. He looked so STINKIN cute with them on! They are not prescription glasses so no worry there, lol.
Here is my stinking cute baby boy sporting his mommies sunglasses that didnt last 30minutes before he broke the arm off lol. But he looks handsome! This is what my day was all about today!!

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