Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan 7th ~~ Just another day in the Neighborhood!!

Well today was just another day, I guess, lol. I woke up in the laziest moods EVER!!! I had my friend Stephanie come over so I could actually get off my lazy tush and clean the house real quick. So her and her little baby girl Shayla came over to hang out with CJ and I. We had a blast. We didnt do anything but sit around and talk about Twilight and what not. The kids had fun playing with eachother. Shayla is a girl for sure, she talks and talks a lot, lol.
On another note that has nothing to do with the 365 project, I finished my scarf. It came out sooo purdy!!! I love it!! I am going to make two more scarves, lol.
This is what the scarf looks like!! Dont laugh at my picture I dont know how to wear a long scarf, lol.

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Sincerely Yours said...

I love your scarf!! Have you considered selling them??