Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yay me!!!!!

Ok ladies so I want to show you what I did!!! Its not the best its my first attempt at doing this!!! So as some of you all know I picked up crocheting!! So far so good and I am so super excited!! I am about to teach myself how to read the patterns so I can make awesome things!! So here is what I did. My attempt at a scarf.


Christina said...

Yay YOU is right! It's been forever since I tried crocheting...but its fun!

Sprytebyrd said...

Very cool! Love the color!

lizzie said...

dude that is so awesome!!!! it's soooo pretty!
i don't have a pattern... i'm just doing a crunch stitch... though i'm trying out a diamond stitch... i really like the way it looks but i can't figure it out!
but to keep it straight... just count your chains! it's easy when you do a stitch like the crunch stitch is SUPER easy, chain 29 and then single crochet, then half double crochet all the way thru... just alternating... then if the last stitch you did was a hdc, do a sc ontop of it... if it was a sc then chain tree and do a sc ontop of the hdc... just do the oppisite of what is below... get what i mean??

Sonya said...

Whoo Hoo..that looks FANTASTIC!