Friday, December 19, 2008

My Ventures!!

Last night we recieved our gifts that we got in NC for my hubby's present. Well in the boxes was our jar of APPLE BUTTER, greatest thing on this earth, lol. That made me want to make some FRESH biscuits in the morning to have with it!! Then I was thinking well I have been looking at Sonya's Blog because she has some recipes that just look absolutely AWESOME!! She has these two recipes and they are Peanut Butter and Chocolate Crinkles ( not together). It looked SOO easy to make so I was like why not? Well I gave it a try this morning! And Guess what?? They came out ABSOLUTELY AMazing!! I cant believe that I baked them!! I also made some homemade chicken soup. Lets just say that hubby had TWO bowls of the soup. He absolutely LOVED the cookies and let me tell you he his not someone who does sweets!! So now I am going to be trying another one of Sonya's recipe that she has on her blogspot. Stop by and check it out. Well I just wanted to gloat about my makings.

Chocolate Crinkles Peanut Butter Crinkles

Oh Ya I forgot to tell ya all about my birthday! So my friend Misha took me to Olive Garden for lunch and she gave me a bday card she made, super cute! Then we went to her house and made some YUMMY Peppermint Cookies!! When I got home my hubby bought me Carnations(my fav flower) and gave me a massage. It was a GREAT 25th bday for me. me on my bday. I look wrecked lol.

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Sonya said...

Your cookies look fabulous!!!! Did you make the chicken soup from scratch? I need to make that one of these days..tomorrow it's potato soup! lol