Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So tomorrow the 17th is my 25th Birthday!! Oh Joy, lol!! I can't believe another year has gone by so fast. So what am I going to do for my Birthday? Absolutely nothing really. In the morning I am going to my besties and I think we are going to make some yummy cookies. I also think she is going to take me out to the Olive Garden, yummy. Other then that I am not doing anything at all!!! Who knows I may do some crafts in the evening. I think we are going to have some yummy hamburgers!! On Saturday we are going to Texas Road House and thats my Bday present as well!! So ya another year has gone by and time sure does fly when you are having a great time!!

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Sonya said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Let me know how you liked the chocolate crinkles..those are my fav's. I hope you had a great birthday. I turned 34 on Dec 1..Im so in denial..lol

lizzie said...

wait... i'm like 12 days older than you! hahaahahahahahaa i rule! i'm finally older than someone! woo hoo!!!