Monday, September 1, 2008

Weed Whacker, Curtain Rods, Curtains, Scrapping Goodies, Oh the excitement!!

Well Good afternoon all! Today has been a long day for CJ and I!! We woke up this morning got dress and headed out on our Adventure to find a cheap weed whacker!! We went to 3 different stores before I found one! CJ was getting tired and cranky lol. I got the weed whacker was very excited about that!! Yay! Now I just have to tackle down this jungle that I call my back yard! I also go curtain rods for my kitchen and dining room window. Maybe I wont be to scared to go downstairs at night.

I bought a curtain at Target but when I got home it wasn't what I wanted!! It was all one piece but covered up both windows. I looked for the receipt but the lady didnt give it to me, so I dont think that I could of taken it back. It was only $10 so not to much of a big deal plus I didnt want to go outside in the heat again. I sat there and was thinking "how can I make this work?" Well I got this clever idea to CUT the curtains,lol. Reminder I dont have a sewing machine at all, lol. I cut it in half and I went upstairs and got my supplies to hand sew what I cut!! It was very interesting to sew this with my one year old all over me but I did get it done! Sorry the Picture is dark. I will though take another one when it is darker outside. To me I think it came out great. I was very happy with the end results of my little problem solving that I did!! I was also excited to accomplish putting up curtains in the kitchen and dining area as well!!(dinning area)


Well I will also add all of the scrapbooking goodies that my mommy bought for me when I was down there visiting her. She spoiled me I would like to say. I love my mom so much!! She is the greatest!! She bought me a crop-a-dile!!! I also got some cuttlebug embossing folders, fiskars dry embossing thing, stapler, brads, stamps, ribbons, and chipboard tabs. Now I just need to get my cuttlebug!!!

While I was on my vacation my Stampin' Up! came in the mail for me! I was so excited to get home and open my box of goodies. That was the first thing that I did when I got home from the airport. I didnt even unpack that car. I just got my box and opened it up, lol. Now I am ready to start selling things!! Anyone want to buy? lol! Well I will post a picture of all my goodies that I got. I want to order more things which of course I will be doing. My mom also told me that she is going to be my #1 customer! Maybe I can get my mother in law to buy from me as well. Now its time to play with all of my goodies that I have. Now what am I going to make? Hmmm... I guess I should practice my explosion box that I need to make for a swap on CM.

Well Lovely ladies thanks for reading my long blog. I will keep you all updated with everything.


JenE said...

love your curtains...great thinking using your scrap tools!

Thinknpinkmom said...

:) So glad you got the curtains the way you wanted them! :) Looks great. OOOO and the goodies your mom got you! YAYYY, they are awesome. And ooooooo so jealous of all those stamps and ink pads!!! I'm coming over to play!! lol

Christina said...

Yay! You got a Cropadile!! Love all your goodies :)

momma_lizzie said...

yay for the cropadile!!! and I can't wait to do my SU stuff... hopefully everything with the J O B goes well and I'll be able to do it SOON!!! hahahaha