Friday, August 29, 2008

My Long, wonderful, disappointing Trip to WA

Well we are FINALLY back from our trip!! It is so nice to be home. It was so much fun to be with family in WA. We had suck a blast there even though it was freezing cold to me!! It was an adventure to travel with a 1 yr old by yourself lol, let me tell ya.

So CJ and I left on the 19th to WA. He was doing alright, kind of, sort of lol. He was a little cranky while we were waiting to get on the plane and people where giving us that stare "Oh great a crying baby" needless to say I ignored them and tended to CJ. He did ok for like it seemed the first 20 mins of the flight because he fell asleep. He woke as soon as they told us they were going to pass out drinks. He was fussy and what not but I handled him as best as I could. We were sitting next to a sweet couple and they helped me out with CJ as best as they could.  Once we got to LAX we had to basically, like, I dont know I dont like that airport. You have to take a bus to get to the different terminals and the people there are not nice at all. We finally go to where we are suppose to go. I had to get a tag for the stroller, which I got, then I had to get some food for him. We didnt have that much time so I went to starbucks and got some fruit for us to eat. Then we boarded out last flight!! He slept for like 20 mins and was up again. This time we had an empty seat but he kept wanting to go to the guy sitting in our row, lol. He got fussy and cranky and then he was being good for me, thank goodness!! I was so happy when we landed. He was cracking up as we were waiting for our luggage. He was laughing because the luggage dropped of the the belt to the carousel, he thought that was so funny!!

It was so nice to be home with my family! We were so excited to see them as so where they to see us!! My younger sister got her tonsils removed on the 21st so that was no fun. She still cant talk that much but she is doing well. On CJs birthday the 21st we went and got his pictures taken.

Saturday the 23rd is when we had CJ is birthday party. It was seriously the ONLY nice day that we were there. It was nice and sunny!! All the other days all it did was just rain!!! Here are a few pictures from the party. CJ had so much fun and was such a big boy too!!

Our trip was so much fun! We went everywhere!! We went to Oregon to see the falls and then we went to the Falls in WA. It was a pretty busy but fun Vacation.
I didnt get to see any of my friends who said that they would be there to see me. I was a little disappointed but oh well. I am back home in TX and my friends and I will be hanging out to have some Chicken Enchiladas and Chocolate cake for CJ!!
Sorry for such a long post but I didnt post much when I was gone because my moms computer was very slow with the internet. Now its time to play catch up. Hope you all have a good one!!


Christina said...

Im sorry you didnt have so much fun in WA. That side of the state the rain just never stops! I love CJs birthday cake! Kayla loves Monkeys right now :).
BTW-I dont think I new you were blogging! I have 2 blogs...linked on my page :)

Thinknpinkmom said...

:) I love all the pictures! He's so darn cute. :) I bet it was hard to travel, especially on a plane with him. I was glad I had some help when Landon and I had to get on a plane. I was a nervous wreck because I had never been on a plane before, so it was nice to have company. :)

So glad you had a nice time with your family!

JenE said...

CJ is sooo cute! Glad you had such a great vacation.