Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Night

Well my day was going well with me talking to my husband up till lunch time and starting up my stampin' up. Once my husband and I stopped emailing it seemed to all go down hill from there unfortunately. My lovely son decided to be in a mood where he absolutely either had to see me in front of him or actually be holding him. If he did not see me or I was not holding him he would cry for no reason at all! It has been driving me bonkers all evening. I love my son to death but its just so hard to have me time when my husband is not here :(

So my son falls asleep and I am like "hey! Perfect opportunity to do some scrapbooking!!" There was the daily sketch challenge that I wanted to do for one of my groups in Cafemom. I gathered all my materials up and everything. I was even painting chipboard!! Then my son starts to cry. I go into his room to try and sooth him back to bed, umm ya, didnt happen. Needless to say I didnt get to finish the challenge that I wanted to do. I guess we will see how tomorrow is.

Before all of this happened with my son getting up and being cranky I miss my husbands last email!! I have been on and off the computer all trying trying to catch him on the computer so we can talk because I have next to none adult interaction here. Well when I decide to go and scrap my husband decides to email me. I had just missed him by like 2minutes when I emailed him back but he had went to his berthing to go to bed. So I was upset that I missed that.

I really do hope that tomorrow is a better day. I am just so filled with emotions that all I can really do is cry! Well I am off now. I will update tomorrow!

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Thinknpinkmom said...

Awww I'm so sorry you missed your husbands email. That would totally make me upset.