Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mowing the Lawn!!

Well Good Afternoon!! So last night I decided that I was going to mow the lawn this morning because it needed to get done!! I woke up this morning tired as ever! Of course I had to get up because CJ was not wanting to sleep in late today,lol. We got dressed and headed out to the yard to mow the lawn!!

This was my first time to ever mow a lawn!! LOL. Let me tell ya it was/is a work out and you get a good sweat!! Anyways... I mow the big portion of our lawn and move on to the other side to get that done. Well my lawnmower decided to turn off on me, lol. So I put gas cause it was low and low an behold the damn thing wouldn't start up again!! I swear I called everyone and their mother to try to figure out how to fix it. I didnt know how to empty the bag and of course it was full! I finally figured out how to empty it, which was awesome, but still the lawn mower would not turn on!! I decided to call my mom because NO ONE answered their phones when I called them. My dad said that he thinks that my string thing that I pull to start it he thinks it got stuck, lol, great!! SO I go back out the the garage for like the millionth time to try and fix it. I take off the top of the lawnmower to see what is going on. Ya no luck for me, lol. SO needless to say my first time mowing the lawn was very interesting. My husbands friend is coming on Wednesday to finish my lawn lol.

Once my lovely son takes his nap I am going to do some scrappy things. I will keep you up on whats going on. See ya all later today!!

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Jenny said...

I HATE MOWING... Sure keeps me out of the gym for the day cause the work out but it sucks. I remember so many mishaps and breakdowns in my first house. It was nice when it was done but such a pain when NEEDING to be done. So I feel you. Thankfully we don't need to mow for the military housing does it here until we get a fence than well I will be calling you in need of some "what to do's" lol.