Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday CJ

Well today is my Baby's First Birthday!! I can't believe how fast time has gone by!! It's just so crazy!!

Well We have been in WA since Tuesday night and boy oh boy those flights seemed forever!!! He fell asleep for like 15-20mins in the beginning of both flights and that was it!! People were looking at me like "Oh gosh, a crying baby!" Ya I was just stressing that I wanted to cry but I didn't. I was glad when we finally landed in WA because CJ could crawl wherever he wanted to.

Well today we went to get CJ is first Birthday pictures! They came out soooo CUTE!! I wish I knew how to post the pictures from my mothers computer but ya I have no clue. I will post them when I get home.

My husband called this evening to wish his son a Happy Birthday and it was so cute. CJ was talking to his daddy. He was also smiling and looking for his dad too. Well I have to get going talk with you all later.


momma_lizzie said...

YAY! I'm so glad he got to call you!! I know my ex use to sneak away and use the phone and he wasn't supose to lol so do you know like where he is? or was i should say... I know they can't say where they are at the moment but can tell you where they were like a week ago. like someone is really gonna tape the phone at your moms house hahaha
i hope the lil man had a great day!!!

Sprytebyrd said...

Happy Birthday CJ!! :o)

Jackie - I left you something on my blog!

Have a great day!