Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hot, Sweaty, Tired, and Exhausted!!!

OMG!! I give any ladies who mow the lawn Props!! You go girl!!! Let me tell ya mowing the lawn is no easy task at all!! So my back yard is well was kind is a jungle!! I was to cheap to pay anyone to do it because I only get so much extra cash a month to do things. So this morning I woke up and what did I go do? I started to mow the back yard!!! I got the weed whacker out that I bought and used it a little bit. That was kind of fun but I hated the the grasss was flying in my face. Anyways I got tired of using the weed whacker that I got the lawn mower out!! Yay!! I started to mow and wow my jungle was slowly disappearing!! Ya I found a ton of small red ant hills here and there! Then when I got to the other side of the yard I found the MOTHER LOAD ant hill!! OMG It was sooooo freaking huge!! I was like OMG they are going to get me!! Another project that I need to get done is killing these ant hills. I have like 4 ant hills in the front yard and like 5 so far in the back yard. Texas and their damn Red Ants!! Anyways it was fun running the lawn mower over the ant hill and see them get all pissy about it lol. THEN here comes the discusting part of mowing the yard. So rodent made a home out of my yard and I mowed over the BABIES!!! I screamed to loud it was so GROSS!! There wasnt just one there was TWO of these rodents. I dont know if it was mice or maybe baby cats I dont know. All I knew is that it was just SO NASTY!!! I swear what ever those things were gave me the heeby jibbies!! YUCK so freaking NASTY and GROSS!! I didnt get to finish the back yard it is HUGE! I felt like I was going to fall out!! I had to take a ton of water breaks because it is hot but the wind is blowing so it felt good and the same time. I knew I had to stop when I couldnt start the lawn mower up again, lol. Well this is my exciting story so far for the day. Well I am off to take a shower I will add pictures of the yard later!


Thinknpinkmom said...

You go girl!!! Good for you, for getting out there and mowing the lawn!!

Christina said...

Yay for you mowing the lawn! I want to live in my own house but reading that makes me thankful for being in an apt with the gardener waking me up each Tuesday! Yay Jackie!

momma_lizzie said...

damn girl you did a great job!