Monday, September 22, 2008

My Excitement of doing my workshop!!

So I held my own SU! workshop this past Sunday!! I was so nervous the night before that I had a hard time falling asleep! It was soo much fun!! I had to come up with some gifts to give to those that had brought a guest. Of course I was just so clueless about what to do. So my lovely, talented smart upline Dee helped me with some ideas. This is what I came up with for a gift to give to those who brought someone to the workshop! These are cute little like purse looking things. They are made out of Coffee Filters!!! I stamped images on the outside and Dee sent me the ribbon to coordinate with it. It came out soo very cute!! It is way different then what I had in mind but let me tell you I enjoyed the way they turned out!!

So once I figured out what to give those who brought someone (there was yummy chocolate in those) I had to think of some cards to demo. OMG let me tell you I was have the BIGGEST creative block that ANYone could ever have!! So this is what the first card turned out looking like. I used the patterned paper and everything on this card from the Petal Party pack that I got. It was very simple and very easy and cute to make. I had enough to do 8 cards which was perfect!! All the ladies had fun making this card. But once I did this card on my own I had a problem on my hands. How where the ladies to test out the stamps and everything that Stampin' Up! has to offer. So of course I had to think of yet ANOTHER card to make that involved more stamping and coloring!! Lol oh joy I was having a hard time. So I was searching around trying to look for inspiration. Then I looked at what Dee had sent me and I was like BINGO!! A simply cute card will do!! I searched through the limited set of stamps that I have and I found a stamp I wanted to use. So this is what came of the second card. The card is very very very simple. For this image I used my crayola colored pencils but I knew that I wanted to use all of my SU! supplies that I had. So at like 11pm the night before my workshop I popped in the DVD and guess what?? I learned how to you my stampin pastels!!! OMG I was SUPER excited about that!! It was probably one of my favorite thing to demos since one I have never tried the watercolor effect and second I found out how to use the pastels!! Lol ya I know I am a dork.

So I got the card making with the card stock covered and I got the stamping part covered now I needed to figure out how to incorporate the scrapbook part to it all. So I used of course the Petal Party pack for a page that I did. It came out cute. I used one of the examples off of the pack because I was have a HUGE creators block for like a whole week straight, lol. Its the truth, how I managed to get through all of this I have yet to still wonder lol. This here is my page that I did for the layout. Sorry its all sideways I have no clue why its uploading the picture like this. You get the idea you just have to turn your head sideways, lol. Yes if you are wondering that is me in the picture, lol. Boy have I changed throughout the years, lol.

So all in all my workshop went great. I had a blast doing it of course it was easy because it was with my friends that I have out here. I do hope to get more workshops in but who knows.

As for everything else in my life its been a crazy week! I lost my since drain plug thing and I found it yesterday. So for about a week of it bothering me and what not I find it downstairs in my dirty laundry. Go figure it will be in a weird place like that.

What else has been going on. Oh ya CJ is now 13 months as of yesterday, lol. He has got use to sleeping in the bed with me which is not a good thing. I cant hog the bed to myself because he is in there. He really needs to go back to his room. I will be trying that out tonight and see if he doesn't have a heart attack about that. I had to lower his bed because last week he crawled out of his bed!!! I couldn't believe my ears or eyes! So hopefully he wont crawl out of the bed!!

Oh yes I also did another card for Dee card challenge and this is what it looks like. Sorry its so blurry but it wouldn't come out right with the flash!

Well thank you for reading my long winded post. I applaud you if you made it to the bottom. Hope you have a good one!!

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Sprytebyrd said...

Way to go! I'm so happy for you!! :o)