Saturday, September 27, 2008

CraftyJones had the bug (the scrap bug that is) today!!

Well I am not sure if many of you know this BUT I will be seeing my hubby on Monday!! He is flying me out to where he is and we are going to be sending a couple of days together!! I am SOO excited I cant wait. I haven't been able to sleep to well or concentrate well because of this excitement. I will be flying to a place I have NEVER been too. Its a romantic place and its Beautiful out there. I will make sure to take tons and tons of pictures!!
Well to pass the time away today I got wrapped around in my own world of scrapbooking. I am doing some DDDs in BGs to pass the time away. I have done three of them today and I loved the way they came out. I will say that the time did pass very quickly and I forgot to do somethings that I was suppose to do today.
This is one of the Layouts that I did for DDD and it was to scrap lift another members layout. This came out better then I expected it too. I am still trying to get a hang of how and the many different ways there are to do pages. I am and still see myself stuck in the old days of scrapping of simple layout and not to much happening on the page. I LOVE pages that are just BEAUTIFUL with tons of color pattern paper and tons of embellishments. I am just to afraid that my pages wont come out as beautiful as the ones that I see. One of these days when I have all the embellishments that go with the paper then i will try that look that I love so much. So here is the second page to the layout and you can see what both pages look like together.
I used some tags that were made my some Cafemommers that was for a swap that I participated in. It turned out good. I had the hardest time looking for a blue that would go good and of course I did not have any BROWN, lol. I try to make my layouts a double page layout and they generally are supposed to be mirrored. It generally works if CJ isn't driving me bonkers and I am thinking straight, lol.

So here is my "Gettin' Ready 4 Hall-o-ween" Layout. The challenge for this DDD was to use black and white with another color, just one other color. I was trying to look for some pictures that would work. First off I couldn't for the life of me find any black and white paper out of ALL the MILLIOn stacks that I have. SO of course that was the #1 thing driving me Crazy!! I found my sons pictures of him in his Halloween outfit that Grandma Peggy got him so this is what I came out with. I used paint for the first time, let me tell you I really loved it!! But this is my lovely black/white/ orange layout. I really fell in love with the way the layout came. I seriously impressed myself. First off I didn't use a sketch!! Secondly I used paint!! And it all came together beautifully.

Well just stick with me a couple more minutes please. I have two more pictures to add that I want to show you all. I know I get long winded but ya I try to keep it short. So off to show you the next layout I did!

So here are my last two pages that I did for the day! So of course I used the paint again!! Lol I need to go buy myself some paint so I can use more and more of it, lol. I used the tags from the tag swap that I was in in Cafemom. But these are my pages that I did and I am very happy with the outcome of my pages.

Thank you for reading my boringness I hope you were somewhat, probably not, entertained. Then next time I write hopefully it will be when I get back from seeing my hubby. So long all and have a good one!!

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