Saturday, December 15, 2012

PET Scan

Yesterday I had my PET Scan done. Nothing to big really. I mean all they were doing was checking to see that the cancer hasn't spread or anything like that lol. My appointment was at 9:45am and I was there on time! I got called back into the inject/prep room. They did a finger prick and tested my blood sugar and it came back 83. The nurse told me that was perfect! My dad went with me and OMG he talked and talked and talked lol. He was actually funny!

So the nurse leaves the room to go get my radioactive sugar! Oh ya!! She comes in carrying a HEAVY Lead box. In that box is the radioactive sugar. Holey moley kind of freaky. She than pulls out the radioactive syringe and that has a lead case around it as well!!! It was very weird but of course all the lead is for protection! I didn't feel it going in but I did feel the saline and I just hate that feeling!

She left me to be for 45 mins and those were some LONG BORING minutes. I couldn't talk or move much. I had to relax as the sugar circulated my body. So I just surfed the net on my phone. I was bored! I was wrapped up in blankets too....and bored.

The test was once again do not move. I did my best to not move and with my arms up above my head. My arms went numb blah!! Well I did my best to not move but I guess I twitched my nose not knowing. At the end I had to get my head re-scanned.

I was released to go and eat and boy was I hungry!! I ate so much!! The diet was no fun at all. I was starving! The above picture is what I left of my meal. I was overly stuffed!!

Oh ya I won't hear my results til Monday when I have my surgery consultation. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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