Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 out of 3 scheduled!!

So far I feel better today than I did yesterday minus the little bit of pain I am experiencing right now. I have my PET scan scheduled on Friday to see if the cancer has spread anywhere else and my surgery consultation is scheduled for Monday. I am waiting for a call back with my appointment to talk to the plastic surgeon about reconstruction surgery of course! So I have 2 out of 3 appointments already made! Today I feel like things are moving forward. I feel good today. Just more of the waiting game but if I am patient things will happen.

So my friend Gretchen sent me a link to her friends blog post who is also going through chemo and has breast cancer and the same age as I am (29). I have been reading it and it is really good. Positive attitude and vibe she has while going through all of this and she is very real. As I was reading her friends blog I came about her Chemo Shopping List and was reading through it. Looks like I have some shopping to do!! Check it out. Read her story. I am not a beautiful writer like she is but I will be writing my story as I go through my journey. I am envious that she does not have to go through surgery like me. But it is still very sad that someone as young as me is dealing with all of this.

Well I am off to clean and study for a final (just encase they deny my medical withdrawal). I have both my boys back home and I was able to sleep a little bit better. I love those buggers!! I hope you all are having a fantastic day!


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