Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holey Crap Loaded with Appointments

That is right! I am getting loaded up with appointments. Last week the only appointment that I had for myself this week was my radiation consultation. Since Monday that has all changed! I had two appointments for the boys this week but I also got scheduled for a PET Scan tomorrow (Friday). This scan is to see if the cancer has gone anywhere else in my body. I am on a diet today and OMG it sucks. No carbs or sugars so I am very limited to what I can eat. I can have tons of veggies and meats as far as I know, oh and lots of water.

Next week I have FOUR appointments!! AHHHHH!!! Monday, my birthday, I have TWO appointments. One is with a plastic surgeon and the second is with my surgeon who will be performing my mastectomy. So this is kind of a big ordeal. My surgeon Dr. Cho called me and we talked about all the possibilities  Of course my insurance wouldn't have any In network plastic surgeons who work at Valley Medical. the hospital I'll be having my mastectomy done at. I could go with them but I would have to pay 50%. If I pick a doctor in network I don't pay anything, the insurance covers 100%. So I did find someone in network. So here is what my surgeon told me. I could have a new surgeon do my mastectomy; mind you one who hasn't been in the know since my diagnosis; and I could have the plastic surgery done as soon as the mastectomy is done with OR there is another option. The second option is that I can go with Dr. Cho and have my mastectomy and wait at a later date to get my reconstruction. As far as I am concerned I love my team of doctors I have. I feel very confident in them. I do not want to deal with a new surgeon who I do not feel comfortable with. So I will be one boob jack for a year :( it makes me sad but I think this will be the best in the end. The best cosmetic results have been after treatment is done. I will have a silicon implant (insert) to wear under my shirts so on the outside I will look normal but of course I will not be underneath. So I am going to go with Dr. Cho for my surgery, I just feel confident and comfortable with her since she has been there and she of course was the one to give me my diagnosis. I know I may have some physiological issues to deal with but that is why I have my therapist.

If my scan comes back negative for cancer being spread elsewhere we have my surgery scheduled!! Yes it is exciting BUT it is also nerve wrecking at the same time! My date as it stands right now is 28 December 2012. That is in TWO Weeks!!Am I prepared? AHHHH NO and I mean that as a BIG NO!! I want to get my treatment started so lets all pray that my scan comes back negative for cancer spread! I do not want to have to deal with that on top of everything else. I need good vibes, all kinds of positive things sent my way!!

So I have my surgery consultation on Monday along with my plastic surgery consultation too. Thursday I go back to see my oncologist and my Therapy session is later on that day as well. AHHHHH.......all these appointments! Its getting closer and closer to my journey! Excitement and nerves are rolling high today. I am excited but sad and that is fine!! I can be both! Anticipation at its finest! Well this is my update so far!!

Think positive thoughts, send positive vibes and positive prayers that Breast Cancer is the only thing I have to deal with. Pray that it didn't spread elsewhere. Thanks everyone.


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