Friday, January 4, 2013

My Journey of Surgery

Ok I am feeling good enough to get on a computer and to write a post. I know it has been a week since my surgery but I am feeling better. This post is going to take you on a journey of the 28th of Dec to now. I will post some pictures. If you have a weak stomach I am sorry. I am posting photos so hopefully they are not to bad for you.

So Friday, December 28, 2012 was the day of my surgery. I got up at 5:00am and my mom, dad, brother, sister and I were out the door at 5:30 am to get to the hospital at 6am. Yes I was very nervous and I really didn't sleep that much the night before! So we get there and we check in. The guy at the check in counter was very nice! The hospital is pretty nice itself!
Here is a nice little water display thing that they had in the waiting area and my wrist band. I didn't wait to long before I got called back. My mom went back with me to get ready for surgery. I was only allowed one person so she came back there.

So we go to the back where I am getting prep for surgery. Lots of questions and everything! I get my cute little hair net on and I have like four warm blankets on me because I am FREEZING!!  But I was trying to stay as relaxed as I could. I was updating my group and letting everyone know what was going on. 
So I get my IV in (YUMMY). It didn't hurt to bad because I got numbed up BEFORE they put it in which was pretty cool. As you can see I am all tagged up with my bracelets so they know who I am. I got to talk to  the anesthesiologist too before I went under. She was very nice and sweet. Felt very comfortable too. She offered me a sedative to calm me before I went in for surgery and I was all for it!

So as my mom and I are sitting in the room relaxing as best we can we hear over the intercom Dr. Cho has arrived. I am her first patient!!! Holy crud its almost time!! Ya kind of getting jittery now! So she comes into the room and I let her know that I decided just to do the left breast only and not the double mastectomy, That I know I can choose to have the second one removed later on and that I just want to get the left breast done and over with so we can start with Chemo. So she marks me! There is the mark she drew on me so she knows to that that one only! My own little tattoo from my surgeon lol!! So after the surgeon and I talked she went to the OR to get ready and the nurses came back into the room to get me ready to head back!
I can honestly tell you that I don't remember a lot of things once I was wheeled back to the OR. I said my I love yous to my sister, brother and parents but I thought it was before I went back into the waiting bed area lol. But I did tell them bye and that I love them according to my mom who wasn't all drugged up like I was. The next thing that I remember is that they switched me to another bed and I was laying to down and they asked me to move up on the pillow and that is ALL I remember lol.

So the cool thing about this hospital is that they having a paging system and they have a update on the surgery. So my parents knew what was going on during my surgery and they had a special number for me. 
My mom kept everyone posted through Facebook  I told her that she needed to keep everyone posted on my phone to let them know what was going on. She did it and she did a good job, Thank you mom! So the next thing I know is that I am waking up to a nurse asking me if I am doing ok and if I have any pain. I wasn't in the recovery room to long. I was having some low blood pressure and some tachycardia. I got sent to my room and it was nice to be out of the recovery area.

I was so hungry that all I cared about was getting some food. Ya well I got food but I couldn't keep it down!! It was the worst feeling EVER!! I hate throwing up! I tried a banana but as soon as I got up to use the bathroom the banana came right back up! I couldn't sleep, my mind was just going a million miles a minute! I got some stronger meds for my nausea and once that worked I could EAT! I was very happy when I could eat. 

My younger sister Sonia, my sister Vickie, my parents and Michael came and saw me on Friday. But I wasn't much of a host. All I wanted to do was sleep. Once I got my Xanax I was able to sleep and that was very nice. My friend Dee stopped by on Saturday and visited me! I was not expecting it at all but it was very nice. My Aunt Noell and my Tio Ruben also came and saw me Saturday.

One of the Nurses put a note on my board. Or at least I think it was one of the Nurses.

Me in my bed happy that I can eat!

My mom and I

This is what my chest looks like. It isn't pretty and I am sorry about it. I don't like it either but the majority of the cancer is out. You can see the bruising. The other two bandages is where my port is at.

My bar scan! Oh ya! This was kind of cool. Every time they gave me medicine they scanned me! Woot woot!!

Ahhh the EVIL IV is finally out. It was starting to hurt really bad!

Side view of my chest, You can see how much of the breast tissue was taken. ALL of the breast tissue was taken. You can see the indentation.

Being wheeled out
Yay! Out of the hospital on the way home!!
 So I am still recovering from my surgery. I had to stop taking my pain meds because they were causing me some horrible headaches!!! I am not loopy anymore and I don't have anymore horrible headaches!! I am moving my arm so I don't get stiff but it's getting better. I had my post op today but I will write about that later I am getting tired and need to go rest.

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and comments. You do not know HOW much it means to me and how much it has helped me get through all of this so far. You all are the best!


lizzie said...

You are such a strong momma! I hope nothing but the best for you dear!

brenda said...

Best Wishes to You!!!! and Stay STRONG we are ALL PRAYING for YOU Jacqueline!! ( the minions)

J.Jones said...

Thank you Ladies.