Friday, January 11, 2013

Another information Overload

Oh yes, yesterday was information overload! I had my Oncology appointment in the morning yesterday to hear what my oncologist wanted to do. We talked about the two most common chemo treatments and what he thought would be best. I listened to what he was saying and made my decision. The first Chemo cocktail contained 4 drugs that would be used and one of them would cause heart failure. With me being young he didn't want me to get heart failure way before my time and I agree. So we went with the second option and those side affect are: tingly, numbness in the fingers and toes and hearing loss. I will take those over early heart failure. So it was a lot of information being thrown at me. I honestly forgot how many cycles he said it would be. I do know that my chemo session will be about 5 hours.

So here are the drugs that we will use for chemo. I will be on Herceptin (indefinitely) and this medicine knows exactly where to go. It will target just the cancer cells. The other two medicines are Carboplatin and Taxotere and these two target everything. So these medications are the ones for chemo. It seriously is/was total information overload.

I also know that some of you are wondering about the MRI that I had on my spine and I did ask my oncologist about the results. Well the PET scan did show a spot which was a hot spot on my L-5 so I was sent to have an MRI on my lumbar. The MRI did show the spot. My oncologist said that it is a possibility that I may have cancer on that spot. They can not be 100% sure if it is cancer or not unless they do a biopsy. Well my oncologist doesn't want to do a biopsy because its close to a nerve that they do not want to damage. So through out chemo he will keep an eye on it to see if it stays the same or shrinks. We won't know what that spot it. This past summer I did mess up my back and it was very painful to sit down so who knows it could be that but like I said we don't know.

I go back to see my oncologist on the 31st of this month. I hope that we start Chemo that day. If not than we will be sure to schedule my chemo. I will do my Chemo first and than radiation and that I will be taking hormone replace me for the rest of my life.

I also want to tell you that yesterday I saw my surgeon and I got my drain taken out!! Woohoo! That was very exciting but eh!! The feeling of it being removed was so weird but so glad that it is gone! I do have to get a fitting for the silicon insert that I will need so I need to make an appointment for that. Oh and I have to schedule my Occupational therapy for my arm. That was a pain to try to find a doctor who treats lymphodema.

Getting the drain removed.
Thank you for reading my posts and thank you for all your support you all are the best. I will be showing you all everything during my journey. This will be all about the good, bad, and ugly that I am going through so there will be some post that may be hard for those with a weak stomach. Love you all.


Wanda said...

Still praying for you sweetie! Love ya bunches!

Anonymous said...

Doing good Jackie, hang in there Sweetheart. You have some many prayers and support that is wonderful! I love the pic of You & the boys. You are so very pretty. watching You through Your progress following You all the way thru. Take care and Im never too far if ever You need anything. Stay out of the public if possible with this terrible flu You definitely do not need that! Take care sweetheart. we all love You & the Boys...

Cousin Sylvia said...

Cousin we love you and hold you in prayer and Thought Always we will continue to pray for you and as soon as I can i will be going to the Catholic hospital next to where i used to work and put you down In Our Prayer Book. You are gonna get through this I know there maybe some days that are tough but just keep the good thoughts and positive attitude and you get through this Remember I along with ur Tia Rachel and my dad have been down this path and we made it And so will you.

Julie said...

Thinking of you!! HUGS!!!