Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Sometimes I lay at night in my room listening to my boys sleep while I weep.
Sometimes I ask why me? And wonder if I am strong enough for what is ahead of me.
Sometimes I wonder if I will know when it's time for me to go if it is my time to go at all.
Sometimes I sit and cry for my boys, family and friends who are having to see me go through this.
Sometimes I think about all the what ifs.
Sometimes I forget that I have this evil thing in me.
Sometimes I wonder what I did to have to deal with what I have.
Sometimes I cry for myself. Haven't I been through enough?
Sometimes I feel like my life isn't my life. That it is someone else's life.
Sometimes I look at pictures from a year ago and cant understand how or why it went from bad to worse.
Sometimes I look at these pictures and wonder who the lady is looking back at me is?
Sometimes I wish I was the old healthy me.
Sometimes I forget what lays ahead of me in my journey.
Sometimes I lay in bed and cry because that's all I can do.

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stephen collins and family said...

Hi Jackie I'm selina's friend and my English is not perfect but just wants yo le you know that u are in prayers. You are so brave, and I know that sometimes is easy to tell somebody that is everything is gonna be o.k but when we are in middle of the battle is not tht we want to heard. keep going girl..!
My cousin went through breast cancer as young as you. I'm gonna give her this link I know that her words can encourage you because she is survivor. In God ALL things are possibles.