Monday, November 19, 2012


LOL yes you read the title right. No you are not going crazy!! I am super excited and happy!! This morning didn't sound to promising to me. Both of the boys woke up not feeling well; one with a bad cough and the other with a warm temp. They are better now though. They stood home and I went to one class today because I left them with my sick sister.

So this morning before I headed to class I checked on the status of my authorization and it wasn't approved yet. I was a little sad. Than when I was in Anatomy class I checked online with my phone to see what the status was. I saw that it was APPROVED!!! I was so happy and very excited. I really wish I was around anyone who was just as excited as I was but I was in class. I am so eager to get this treatment started. I am prepared as I can be. I have to much in my future that needs to be accomplished and this isnt going to hold me back. This is just another obstacle and stepping stone that I will over come. Another chapter to put into my book with all my past chapters. I am ready to start this process and I am the luckiest person to have so many people who are so supportive and who are going to be with me each and every step!!

So my MRI is Wednesday at 12:10 yes that does mean that I am leaving my anatomy class early and missing out on my psychology and math class again. I am sorry but my health is very important to me so it has to be done!! I am ready to start. More ready than I ever will be. So that is the update!!

I am Happy!!

Sorry if you read this before and it was all coded weird. I did not mean for it to do that. I also shortened it as well because I forgot what I wrote and I could figure it out again.

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