Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Waiting Game

It is Sunday and I am patiently waiting for Monday to arrive. I was suppose to call Friday to set up my appointment for my MRI but that didn't happen. It didn't happened not because I didn't call, I called them 3 times. It didn't happen because they are waiting for Authorization from the insurance. I gave them 2 calls in the morning before I headed of to my classes and they couldn't do anything, so I went to my classes and hoped that I would hear something from them by the time I got home. Of course I heard nothing so I gave them a call. They were still waiting for the authorization. It was getting closer to 4pm and called again and by this time they kind of knew who I was. I was known as the one who needs the MRI of her breast done. Still no Auth. By this point I'm anxious and getting a bit frustrated so I called my Doctors office and was told they sent in the Auth to the insurance company. I called the insurance company and was told that my Auth was pending so I asked them what they needed. I got the information about what they needed for them to approve it. I called my doctors office back and told them. Then this is when the all the phone calls started going on. Since I had the surgeon diagnose me with the Breast Cancer I had to get a hold of their office but I still needed my doctor to send in the physical examination. Of course they wanted to try to argue with me saying that they didn't need to send in anything that they sent in the request. Little did they know that 1. I use to work in the medical field myself and send in auth forms to insurance companies and 2. that I use to work for tricare care. I told her that I understood that I need to get the paper work from the other doctor but because MY doctor was the one that sent me in for the mammogram and the ultrasound that I needed that initial physical exam which sent me to everywhere. So hopefully they sent it. Thank I called the surgeons office and was told that they couldn't just send the insurance company my records that they needed the insurance company to fax them of something saying what they needed. Well if the auth was pending apparently they set the fax to the office. So I am also hoping that the lady in Medical Records called the insurance company like I asked her too. All of this calling and talking was very exhausting! So as of right now I am still waiting for Authorization for the MRI.

I am continuing to live a normal life. I did my every Saturday thing. I went to my CJs soccer game with Michael and my parents and than we went out to lunch. Later on we went to the Movies to watching Breaking Dawn part 2. It was very good. I did talk about the breast cancer and had a few laughs. I was doing fine until the end of the night driving back home from the movies. In the dark I started to cry. Sometimes everything just comes rushing to me and there isn't much that I can do but just cry. To much to try to explain why I cry but I know that my body needs the release of the tear so I don't hold the tears back. Everyone is just as anxious and just as frustrated that I still don't have my appointment scheduled for the MRI. It is now just the waiting game and I really do hope that they kick into gear here tomorrow.

I am very blessed to have so many people sending prayers my way. It has helped me get through my days and has helped me stay strong and stay together. I know that it is ok to break down and it does happen. We shall see how today goes. Sundays are my homework days and I do already have all my homework laid out and ready to go. So Happy Sunday everyone!

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Tammy Mears said...

Doctors offices and insurance companies have no idea what minutes, hours, and days do to someone who has been diagnosed with such a serious illness and asked to wait. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and your precious boys. Love to you all!!!