Friday, August 26, 2011


So I slacked off and missed about a week or so of blogging! I was doing so good to with it all! BUT I have a reason for this though! This past Sunday, August 21st was my son's 4th birthday! My mother and I were SUPER busy with getting everything done. We had some late nights! I will say it was so worth it all in the end! So with all the late nights and stressing it took me about a week to recover. I am getting older, I can just tell. I am not as young as I use to be. So not that CJ's birthday is done with its time to start planning Jamison's 1st party! Time is flying!

So I will update what has happened! I dealt with someone who was being selfish! Go figure right? Its ok though I got it under control! I put my foot down and that was that. Friday was an awesome day and night in General! I got some much needed help and it lifted a heavy weight off of my shoulders. It seriously gave me breathing room and a sense of accomplishment! Friday night my older sister and her Family came over to my parents place and she cooked dinner for us. It was so AMAZING and that food was awesome! I want more! It was nice having the whole FAMILY here at my moms enjoying laughing and tears. It was great family time. Something that we need to do more often! I didn't go to bed til 3am on Friday night and had to get up early with the baby on Saturday!

Saturday was another family BBQ, I tell you we have been doing something EVERY weekend since we have moved back. Its been awesome and tiring! I really missed it all when I was away. I just missed the who family feeling of everything. The love that surrounds us now is so much more then I ever asked. I think I kind of forgot what it was like to have so much loving and caring family around! So after the BBQ I met up with my friend and we went to Chuck E Cheese! Thank you for taking us there CJ had a great time. We didn't get home til almost midnight. We were having fun, what do you expect? I was late getting home and I felt horrible because my mom finished up the goodie bags all by herself that I was suppose to help her with!

The BIG Day arrived! Got up at 8am. I think we were out of the house at like 9 I think, I can't really remember. We left CJ passed out with his aunts and My mom, dad, Jamison and I took off to get everything done! Dad went to the park and got us a good spot. Mom, Jamison and I ran to the Dollar Tree to get some Balloons and picked up a few extra last minute items. Mom set up the area while I ran to go get the Birthday boy and his Aunts! Phew there was a TON of running around going on!

So when we got back to the park with the Birthday Boy this is what was on the table

Isn't this cake amazing?? I LOVED it so much! CJ LOVED it too! OMG did it just taste soo DELICIOUS! This is the cake that my COUSIN did for CJs birthday!  You should go check out her Page over on Facebook and see other cakes that she has done! Her facebook Page is Stellar Cakes & Cupcakes. If you haven't stopped by I think you should. You won't be Disappointed at all! She's a super lovely person to work with.

Here is what we did as for the rest of the party area in General.
It was a Mickey Mouse Party! So we had to do Mickey Mouse!! My sister over at Vixen Ware (you should check her page out too) screen printed the shirts for us! We added bows onto the shirts for the girls and left the boys shirts plain! My mother did the Goody Bags and the water bottles! I will have her Tutorial up on the water bottles over on my other blog so keep an eye out for that! I think everything came along just right! CJ LOVED everything. We had balloons but we had to move it because the wind was just blowing them all over the place.

Overall my son had a GREAT Time! He was so excited that he turned 4 and that everyone showed up to Celebrate his special day with him! I am so glad that he loved everything that his grandma and I did for him! I would do it all over again just to be able to see and experience the pure joy he had that day! Everything in his world was just perfect for him and it showed!
Until Next time! I promise I will keep this up! It helps me so very much to share and get things off my chest! I wish CJs friends could of been here to celebrate his special day with us.

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