Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ain't No one gonna Hold me down

Well the title says is all! I am not going to let anyone hold me down. I am tired of feeling like I am getting held down. I have given plenty of chances to sort this out and with no success at all. I am a grown woman who needs to provide for her children. I am taking the next step in my situation.

Once I get this done I think I will feel a sense of relief lifted off my shoulders. I will be able to relax a bit and not worry all the time. Things are slowly going to get better. I know this, I feel it deep down inside. Good things will happen for the boys and I!!

Just wanted to put out that I feel the wheels turning. I feel it inside, deep down! I am scared and excited about it all. One day at a time. One step at a time. It will all come together. I know it will. There is no choice for anything else! I need to shine and feel like myself again. Well as close to my normal self as I can!

Today was just an up and down day. BUT I managed and I accepted the feelings I was dealing with and let them go. My eyes are WIDE open! NO ONE will EVER have a hold on me again! I am taking the lead now! Tough luck! Sorry but this is just something that HAS to be done! I gave chances and it was thrown back in my face. I was being civil now its time to play.

So yes I am moving forward. My wheels are in full motion. NOTHING is going to stop me!

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