Sunday, April 5, 2009

30 Mar - 4 April

30 Mar:
So this one day one of not having the little girl. I finished my sisters scarf and I was looking for another crochet project. Well I had found a WONDERFUL pattern and when i went to start on it I realized it was a KNITTING pattern!! I was so UPSET because I really, really wanted to do it but Dont know how to convert a knit pattern to a crochet pattern. I however recieve a nice pattern from a lady off of Its a ripple afghan and its coming along nicely. I am not to sure that I am liking the yarn that I choose for it but hey it will do for the first afghan ever made by me, lol.

We didnt do much today at all really. We actually Slept in and it was so amazingly AWESOME!!!!! We hardly ever sleep in because CJ is generally up early. All we did was just chill like villians and watched tv. I did talk to my mom later on that night. Here is CJ talking to his Grandma about who knows what, lol. He actually babbles on the phone to whoever is on the other line and its TOO freaking CUTE!
April 1:

Today is APRIL FOOLS day!! CJ and I went to Mcdonalds with my friend today. I did play an AWESOME April Fools joke on my husband as well. Anyway back to earlier. CJ and I met up with my friend Stef and her daughter at McDs. Not really my favorite place to eat but oh well we went. CJ saw the play area and imediately went over there and starting having a BLAST playing. So he played and played and then ate lol. So now back to my April Fools prank that I did on my husband. So we play World Of Warcraft and he has a top lvl Warrior. I logged him in took ALL of his money and then I took all of his gear off of his Character. When he got home he about had a heart attack seeing his character like that. I was crying of laughter so bad. Needless to say I was called a A-hole for a while, lol, but it was so worth it to see his expression.

It was a Windy day here in the big ol San Antonio, Tx area, lol. It was nice hearing the wind. We didnt do anything at all. Here we are outside in the backyard and here is CJ trying to keep his pool from flying all over the yard. This pool was clear across our yard and he walked all the way over to where it was to bring to the back door lol. He was struggling trying to keep it steady lol. That dang wind that was going on he was fighting with it, lol.
CJ and I decided to head to the park for a little bit! He has a blast!! He was playing in the Big Kids play area lol. He was having so much fun running around. It was a beautiful day to be out and about. We didnt stay to long because I was chasing him ALL over the darn place and I was getting tired. I will say that he did wear himself out and had a very long nap that I enjoyed!!!
4 April:
I got my haircut today. Didnt do anything to crazy. I just got my layers texturized and side bangs. We didnt do much really. I just crafted while CJ drove me up the wall. How could this little boy above drive me crazy? I have no clue but he DOES!! Here he is looking all innocent and sweet. Looks are very concieving, lol.
We went to the park this Morning. First we got us some lunch and O'Charelys...yummmy cheese stakes!! Then we went to the park. CJ was happy that he was at the park. He had a blast and then it was time to go home, lol. I did get a little crafting done. This is the last page I did before my lovely son got on my nerves, lol. 2 more days till we are in WA!!!

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