Monday, March 30, 2009

21 Mar - 29 Mar

21 Mar:
CJ is 19 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how fast time goes by!!! So today we went to the ZOO for the first time!!! CJ had fun but I think in a few more years he will really enjoy the animals. He saw a lot of animals. It was a perfect day outside. There were a TON of people there though and we park a gazillion miles away! CJ saw a ton of animals and he LOVED the monkeys, lol. He was really not fond of hearing the birds though. Everytime we passed where the birds where he would cover his ears!!
22 Mar:
So Sunday was our relax day. It was not one of our good days. CJ and I had a hard time. In the end of our day I will always love my husband and I appreciate everything he does for me. I dont know what is building up inside of me but I always lash out at my husband when I know he does not deserve it at all. After having a hard time we talked and talked and figured it all out. Always in the end of our day I love my husband more then I did when I wake up and more then the day before.
Oh what a lovely monday! Not much happening during the day. My crochet group on cafemom started a mothers day swap. It is to make crochet flowers. Well the only thing that I have crocheted are scarves! I wanted to challenge myself so I put myself to the challenge to make some flowers! I did get some help from some Lovely Ladies in my crochet groups about my pattern. So my accomplishment was getting my flower done!! Here is what my creation looks like and I am very proud of it!!
Tuesday, Tuesday. Oh what a lovely day! Not much! We just cleaned or tried to clean with 2 kids, lol. There wasnt much going on. I started my sisters scarf for her bday so thats what I did. CJ helped me with cleaning. He has to much energy and very hpyer active!!! Here he is vaccuuming the loft!
Well I had a dr appt this morning. I had the little girl and CJ with me. Good think Chuck got to take the morning off to go with me. The dr told me that I have a skin growth that needs to be surgicaly removed. I have to wait 5-7 days for them to call me and schedule my appt. I am scared about having to have this done but it needs to be done. When we got done with my appt we came back home and relaxed for a little bit. Chuck took a nap and CJ was cuddling with his daddy. It was the cutest thing ever.
So yesterday my poor little baby fell and hit is eye on his bouncer! He cried a little and then was fine and continued to play and run around. He had a rough night and ended up sleeping with us lastnight. When we woke up this morning I was horrified to see his eye!!! OMG it was so ugly looking I was so worried and I felt horrible! I put ice packs on his eye all day and it FINALLY went down!  So my picture of the day is my poor babys eye :(
Chuck had a rough night lastnight. His gallstones where bothering him. He went to the er at 2am and got home at 5:30am. He didnt go to work because of him being in the er all night. CJ had his hearing appt this morning. Chuck did go with us to the appt and I drove because he was sleepy. CJ passed his hearing test! I am not sure what to do about him not learning much for words. I know each child learns how to speak at their own terms and it takes time. I feel like a horrible mom because my son isnt saying enough words. My mom told me not to worry but come on how am I suppose to feel. The dr was the one to suggest that he does speech therapy and it makes me feel like I am not doing a good job at being a mother. I am trying to find ways for my son to learn new words. If anyone has any ideas I am willing to try them out if you are willing to share with me. Anyway back to this, lol. When we got done with the appt we headed home and CJ and Chuck took a nap. CJ was so excited to see his daddy home when he woke up from his nap. Here is CJ trying to wake up daddy. Oh yes I forgot to add that we went to 5 Guys!! Awesome burger joint ever! We finally got one here in San Antonio! On our way home we stopped by a car dealership. They offered us enough for my car. We worked some numbers and it was affordable for us to think about getting a new vehicle.
So today we went back to the dealership to talk more about a new vehicle. Chuck got a 2009 Toyota Tacoma!! He just got the basic model and he is extremely excited about his new truck!! I am glad that we got a new vehicle. I am extremely happy that Chuck loves his new truck! I was suppose to go to a crochet meetup today. Chuck and I had a disagreement on something and it set me in a foul mood. I tried to find my way to this meetup but I could not find it. I was pretty upset about it. I went back home to my family and talked to Chuck. We outside and washed and cleaned out the trail blazer for me. I dont have a picture of the truck yet so I will get a picture once Chuck gets back with the truck.
We woke up and we went out to breakfast. We went to the egg and I i believe thats the name of the place. Its a really good place to eat breakfast. Well when we were packing up into the trail blazer I noticed that the passenger  door was not closed all the way. I opened the door and noticed that my insurance information and some of my pens where all over the passenger seat! I had put the insurance information in the glove compartment and the pens where in the center console. So someone had broke into our car to see if they could get something out of it. This is the second time that it has happened. Good thing we had cleaned out the car the day before. It seemed like they were rushed who ever broke into my car. I was very much bothered with it. I am glad they didnt see my husbands $200 sunglasses in the car. After breakfast we went back home and chuck mowed the lawn. I started to clean out a little in the garage. I become very sad when i came across the clothes that I can no longer fit into. It was very depressing. I am still struggling trying to accept my body the way it is now that I have had a baby. It is hard for me but i am trying to deal with it. I got rid of the clothes in the garage and a few other things. It didnt make a dent but it was a little bit of something. I did finish my sisters  scarf and it came out so pretty!

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