Thursday, March 5, 2009

1 Mar - 5 Mar

1 Mar:

Can you believe that its 1 Mar? Oh how the time flies by so quickly! Not much happened today. We stood at home and did absolutely nothing. We went grocery shopping and you can say that was the highlight of the day, lol.

CJ was having fun playing with his aunties scarf that I made her. Here he is posing with it. He had a blast playing with it. I had to take it away before he ruined it or got it messy lol.

2 Mar:

What a glorious monday it was, lol. Chuck has class all this week so I get to see him off to his day of class. The kids where alright not to much fussing that heaven!! CJ was in a good mood most of the day. Chuck got off early and we got to spend some time. My son is seeming to be less and less of a mamas boy :( When he hears his dad come home from work he yells "DaaaaaaDaaaaaaa!" until chuck gets upstairs, its super cute!

Here they are trying to make me jealous! It was working too I must admit! They were having daddy and son time.

3 Mar:

The kids where not in a good mood today! I must say though they did take a long nap for me so I had time to collect myself and relax for a min. There wasnt really anything exciting going on really. I am addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse series and when i get a chance thats what I am doing!!

So here my hubby caught me off gaurd completely ingrossed in my book! If you like vampire romance kind of books this is a really good series. I really enjoy it. True Blue on HBO is based off of these books so if you like that show you should read the Books!!

4 Mar:

Not much to report today. I know my life is just so much fun, NOT!! It's completely boring but I love it! I watch a little girl and I have my son and we are at home, what more could you ask for? Of course there are those days that the kids are trying to push every button they can! But thats when nap time comes into place so I can breathe and relax. I actually did a work out during their nap times because I dont know what wild hair crawled up in me lol. So I decided I need to stop being lazy and actually do something with myself. I am not going to be losing weight if I dont do anything, right? Well I did like 15min of pilates, 30 crunches and 10 push ups.

Chuck got out of class early today. So here are my boys being silly. CJ was being a total daddys boy, lol. Here they are sticking their tongues out and being very silly like always. Its just so amazing seeing the bond between the two of them. I love it!!

5 Mar:

Well today felt like it flew!! LOL! Steph came over and hung out with me. Chuck got out of class early! We just finished CJs eval interview thing. It was interesting. It was a good day.

This is what my house looked like today, lol. 3 Kids, hubby playing his game and the moms chatting and watching the kids play. I had a good day today. It was nice having someone over just to chill with!

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