Friday, March 20, 2009

6 Mar - 20 Mar

So Ladies Yes I know its been FOREVER!! I have just been in a all time slump with EVERYTHING. IT totally SUCKS and I wish I could find a way out of it. Anyways let me update you all with my weeks!

Oh how I love Fridays! I dont have to watch the little girl and CJ and I get our time to do what we want. SO its always a BEAUTIFUL friday, lol. Chuck got off of work early and I was going to go shopping by myself BUT CJ woke up from his nap so I took him with me. We went to the bank that is clear across town and then we met up with my friend Stephanie and we went shopping. I really wasnt in the mood to go shopping but We went anyways, lol. The Scrap Shack on Cafemom was celebrating our 1 year birthday this weekend so it was a scrappy day for me. CJ wanted to be dressed like me so we wore our Colts Jerseys lol.
SO here we are Matching!
Well this was another Me day. I TRIED to scrap all day but ya this SLUMP is and was not making it happen. I did accomplish something though and it came out great BUT it did not motivate me to go any further. So my picture of the day is.....drum rolll.............its an altered cookie sheet calendar. I loved the way it came out! Oh ya it was also my sisters 23rd bday too. AHH She is getting to old but what does that make me? Just getting older, lol.
8 Mar:
Ya just another Lazy Sunday! So when CJ and I went shopping on Friday I got him a little desk. LET ME TELL YA he LOVES that dang thing!! HE looks so cute and he pulls it up to him when he is sitting in his bouncer. Ya i dont know what I am going to do when that bouncer breaks he loves that thing to death as well. So here is my picture.
Now doesnt he just look so CUTE!!! Here he is eating his dinner on his little desk sitting in his bouncer. What a happy kid we got right there in that picture!
Oh Monday, monday! THis is the day my Week starts. I get to get up at 7:30am and watch the little girl. So days I just dont even want to get up, lol. I was very productive. CJ wasnt doing to hot sunday night. He woke up from like a Horrible dream and slept with his like in the middle of the night, it was just so weird. Then when Chuck got up to get ready for work CJ just would not fall back asleep so Chuck was having CJ get ready for work, lol. He eventually fell back asleep but he just was not in any mood. So we got up and I took him a bath!! He LOVES taking a bath! So here he is splish splashing in the tub!
Our evening are very interesting at times. CJ always does some crazy things when its close to bed time! This evening we watched a movie and CJ wanted all eyes on him. He grabbed his spider man slippers for me to put on then he wanted me to take one off. So of course I take one off and he still is walking around with one still one. Now he wants to wear Daddys shoes so he puts on daddys shoes. Yes he put them on with one slipper on and one slipper off, lol. Here he is bring me the other shoe to put on him!
Not much happens during the day. Of course all we do is just stay home. Its to hard to try and travel with two kids when you are not even prepared to have things to travel with two kids, if that makes any sense at all. So we just chill at home and what not. This is a picture of CJ just relaxing and eating his food. He is a character! I love him so much!!
It was a rough day for CJ and I. His teeth were killing him. He has all FOUR eye teeth coming in all at the SAME TIME!! Some days you would not know that he was teething and others its seriously hell here. I feel so sorry that he has to go through this and I honestly wish I could take the pain from him. He is a BIG TROOPER when it comes to teething. So my picture is the teething tablets that are heaven for him.
SOOOOO I FORGOT to take my PICTURE!! I will update it though because I KNOW what my picture was going to be. SO i FINISHED the Sookie Stackhouse series AND i wanted to watch the TV show online! Well Mrs. Dumby me downloaded a virus on accident :( I did not know it yet! I had to wait till hubby got home from work. He got off early BUT he had to go to this Luncheon so he took us along. We went to Incredible Pizza, its like pizza buffet and has a indoor go cart track and tons of games. It was pretty cool. So after we left that we went to the book store and got me some of the Anita Blake book series. We headed home to see what was wrong with my computer. We come home to find out that there was a TROJAN VIrus on my computer. SO NOT GOOD AT ALL!!! So here we go to best buy to get me a computer :( I got a new computer and I love it! So my picture will be of my new computer. I will take it later and down load it!
Here is my beautiful computer!!
We had nothing planned for this day. We where just going to relax and chill all day. Chucks friend Red called us and invited us over for a cook out. Sounded like fun to me and I was kind of wanting to get out of the house but not spend money lol. what better way then to hang with friends and have a Cook out, right? SO we went and had a ton of fun. CJ was loving their dogs. Here is CJ; he took like a 10min nap, from our house to theirs, lol.
I thought I would be a WONDERFUL mommy and wifey this day so I got up and made some breakfast, lol. Chuck was suppose to help me clean on Saturday but ya other plans came around that sounded more fun. So I just had chuck take cj upstairs and keep him out of my way so I could deep clean the house. CJ and Chuck came downstairs to visit me for a minute. I had forgot to put the bread away and CJ made himself a Wish Sandwich. He was loving that up! He was happy and just eating bread. So that was my picture. CJ with his wish sandwich.
I think I had called my mom this time that I took this picture. But anyways....I got done talking to my mom and got off my cell phone. CJ will pretend to talk to people and its totally cute. Well he got my phone and he called his Aunt Anjie!! So here he is sitting on the couch and talking to his aunt! He just woke up from his nap, lol.
17 Mar:
So did you wear your GREEN??? CJ and I sure did!! We didnt do ANYTHING of COURSE, lol. Stephanie came over and hang out with us! Everyone had green on lol. I tried to catch CJ in one of his moments but of course once he sees the camera come out he is RIGHT there!! So one my picture is blurry BECAUSE my flash was not on lol. But it is still cute for blurriness!
So CJ has this bear its called Bruin Bear and OMG he loves that thing. Grandma and Grandpa Jones got it for him for xmas. Well this bear talks(moves his mouth) and he SINGS!! CJs favorite thing recently is to have that dang bear sing and he sings and dances along with it! Its the cutest thing EVER except when the dang bear doesnt go to a song and he freaks out and has a fit :(. So here he is dancing!
19 Mar:
So when chuck and I are playing WoW CJ likes to sit on my lap and kill bad guys with me, lol. Along with playing with me he also likes to mess with EVERYTHING in his reach!! Normal for a kid his age, lol. I like to pick on my son, so of course thats what I did. I put a hair tie in his hair. He needs a haircut. Here is CJ sporting his hair tie, lol!
Today CJ went and got his 18month old shots! We took 10mins at Wilford Hall! Its so AMAZING that it was so quick! Cj was not happy about his shots! So he got some stickers then we headed to the BX. I was looking for some new sandals for CJ but I couldnt find anything that i liked. I did buy myself two bras for $5.60!! Yes what a freaking deal that was!! After the BX CJ and I went to the park! Stephanie stopped by the park and hung out. Chuck stopped by the park and had lunch with us! It was so nice to see him and have lunch with him. So I was feeling pretty today so my picture of the day is of me. My hair was nice and so was my makeup and for once i kind of felt skinny!
****SO mother are you happy now? I have updated my BLOG, lol. Love you****
CJ will be 19months old tomorrow and we are going to the Zoo!! YAY!! Til next time!

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