Sunday, April 19, 2009


SOOOOO.....this is going to be a VERY long entry!! I hope you all can stay and follow along. I will try to make it short and simple, lol.

So 2 days before we head out for our trip to WA. I should of been cleaning the house and packing but of course I was NOT doing any of that, lol. Instead I was scrapbooking and trying to catch up on my sons book. So this is what I did today. I just scrapped my little heart out until my son drove me crazy!!
Well there wasnt much to today really. All I did was get the house ready for when we get back from our trip. I dont like leaving my house unorganized. Everytime we go on a trip I HAVE to do a deep clean to my house so I can come home a relax and not have to worry about cleaning. We got our taxes done FINALLY so is off of our plates and of course I am almost done with the packing. Good thing we leave tomorrow in the afternoon. I am super excited to be going to see my family. Here is our suit case all ready to go!!
Its FINALLY time to fly to WA!! I am so super excited that I cant wait to get outta here. I dont know how many times I circled the house to make sure that I did not forget something. Later on come to find out I did forget something but nothing to big. It was so Beautiful in San Antonio!!! Here we are on the airplane!!
So yesterday our first flight was 15min late which means that we had to run to our next flight, lol. We made the next flight thank goodness! CJ was having problems with the first flight and he just didnt want to go on the second flight, he ended up passing out! So we get in at like oh 9pm in WA and we got to the baggage claim to find out that we DONT HAVE any of our BAGGAGE!! I was so furious about that. Yesterday it cost us $15 each for our 1st checked in bag, omg its just crazy! Anyways so we dont have anything but the clothes on our backs and we had to fill out some paper work and we were suppose to get our baggae at like 2am. They called at like 1am and told me that it will be there after 7am. So 7am came and went and I called then I get oh it will be there sometime after 1pm, lol, nice right? Eventually we get our luggage at 11am so our plans for that day where kind of messed up and we ended up doing something totally different then planned. So instead of going to the falls in OR we went to Snoqualmie Falls and then to Pike Place Market. It was a LONG day! It was litereally NON-STOP. After we got done with Pike Place Market we went to get CJs haircut and then the WHOLE family went out to dinner. SO its going to be very hard to just pick ONE picture, lol. So here is me and my sis Anjie at the Falls. Yes I was EXTREMELY Cold!!
LOL ANother Busy Day for us out in WA!! We spent the day at the Seattle Aquarium and on the Peir. We saw tons of Fish and what not, lol. CJ had fun looking at all of the animals. He was pointing at every little movement that he saw. He did really good there. We went to go eat at Red Robin on the peir and OMG the service was so horrible I could mot believe it! Our waitress could not get our drink order right at all!! It was just so like I dont even know, lol. After we got our food we went to the carousel area and let the kids have fun. It was a long day but not SUPER long. This Picture is of Sarina and Bubba racing Chuck and CJ at the Aquarium!
10 Apr:
It was another FREEZING day for me in the lovely state of WA!! We went to the Point Defiance Zoo with everyone again. It was so much better once you had hot chocolate in your system. We saw the Endangered Red Wolf and we saw Polar bears, Walruses, Seals, Tiger, Otters and Reindeer!! There was so much animals. Its so amazing how many DIFFERENT animals different zoos have. It was nice being able to see these animals a little bit Closer then the ones at the San Antonio Zoo.
This was our Day of REST! We actually didnt do anything at all. We all slept in and relaxed in our PJs like about 4pm lol.It was just so nice to sit at the house and chill and watch CJ just be a crazy boy! I made a basket out a paper and it came out alright lol. Mia stayed the night and I took over her DS and was playing SIMS lol. It was so fun I want a ds just so I can play sims lol. I know I am a dork. Here is CJ all messy right after he ate his Chicken Sandwich!
HAPPY EASTER!!! It was one Rainy Easter for us! I made some Chocolate Crinkles that the whole family LOVED. I told my mom that she was not going to get my recipe, lol, I gave it to her. We had a good Easter day dinner with ham, garlic roasted potatoes, cranberry salad, cupcakes, cookies and I am missing some food but OMG it was ALL soo good. Its making my mouth water Just thinking about it all, lol. So it was raining when we wanted to do the eggs so we had to hide the eggs inside the house which was kind of a hard task to do, lol. Once all the eggs where done we called out the little ones Sarina and CJ. Well Mr. CJ was to busy playing with skates that he didnt notice any of the eggs until we got rid of the skates he was playing with. It was such a wonderful day but rainy and cold!
Time to pack pack and pack everything up! My mom, Chuck, CJ and I snuck off to go have Lunch at Red Robins, lol. While we were at Red Robin as we were leaving it started HAILING!! Chuck rain to get the car and we waited til he brought it out front. CJ started crying because the hail was hitting him! I think we went to Wal-mart like 2 or 3 times that day for some reason, lol. It was just cold and rainy. I got CJ 10 hot wheel cars and my mom bought him a nerf gun. While we were at Wal-Mart we went to the eye center to have my glasses fixed. While waiting we had fun with the glasses! Here is what we did! So he can shoot the nerf gun which is just so hilarious its too cute! We also took my mom, sonia, anjie, bubba out to Black Angus for some dinner. We like to treat my family out to nice places because they dont get to go out to those nice places and plus we LOVE taking our family out!! IT was nice to spend time with them while the enjoyed GOOD STEAK!!!
14 Apr:
Well we left this day and to be honest I dont have any pictures because my camera was packed. I will have to get picture from my mom because I know that she took some. CJ did AWESOME this time back. We flew from Seattle to Houston and the Houston to San Antonio. He slept half of the first flight and did well with all the other time! We didnt have full flights so that was a blessing. The 3rd person on each flight moved for us so we could have room which was so awesome of them to do. It was nice to finally be home. To top it off it was so WARM when we landed I was happy lol. I miss my family though! Love you all!
So ya now my mind is gone, lol. We did absolutely NOTHING today at all. We did not sleep at all the night before. I went to bed at 4am and my husband didnt sleep at all. He had to weight in. I had my doctors appt. but that was about it.
Did do much today either. I did get some scrapping done!! So thats what we did today. We also watched one of the star wars movies later on that day. Ya just trying to get back in the groove of things. The hour change has been kicking our butts. Here is a layout that I did! I did 3 layouts! Sorry it came out side ways for some strange reason!
We went grocery shopping!! So much fun.....NOT!! We spent a ton of money on food BECAUSE we left the fridge empty when we left on our vacation. So since CJ loved the hot wheels track so much we found him a track. Its a cars track thing and he loves that thing. He will play with it for HOURS!!
So this was ANOTHER lazy day for our family! We had a DAYS long of family time. We did I dont remember what in the after noon, but in the evening we had a Star Wars Marathon. Hubby suggested that one and I was just so thrilled, lol. So thats what we did with our evening time. CJ and I kind of passed out on daddy while watching star wars but he understands! It was a great day.
So today we woke up late 11am, lol. We got up and we took CJ to the Park!! He had a good time at the park this afternoon. He even got a pair of NEW shoes. Man his feet are growing SUPER fast. He is in a size 8 infant shoe! I cant believe it!! I did a little bit of scrapping today. We had philly cheese steaks for lunch which were SUPER yummy!! CJ is trying to climb on his daddy chair right now, lol. Our day is going well so far today. Thank you all for reading all the way through if you did make it lol.

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